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  • IsayaIsaya Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 747
    @kmbogd, @revanbh The billing system states it only accept international cards. In France, where I live, Electron Visa card is not considered international, you can't use to pay or withdraw money out of the country.
    There is a working workaround through PayPal. If you live in an area where PayPal has a local branch, as is the case in Europe, you can select PayPal, then select "I don't have a PayPal account". You'll have the opportunity to pay by Card. In France this give access to France only payment card ("carte bleue"), Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and also very specific cards considered as credit card more than payment card (they just allow to buy in some shops, not withdraw money).

  • revanbhrevanbh Member Posts: 38
    @Isaya That's good to know. Mine is international card as I pay with it and withdraw money from ATMs across the continent. It should work. I have PayPal account as well but don't use it frequently. There is no need.

  • kmbogdkmbogd Member Posts: 6
    Hi Isaya, considering that I was able to buy from Steam with the same card I don't really see it as an issue with my card but with Beamdog's billing system. Nevertheless, like revanbh has said, it is not even an issue with the type of card (Visa Electron) that apparently worked for him but something entirely more random than this.

    By the way, a bit off-topic but worth mentioning in this discussion is that Visa Electron is an international card (that's why I can make online international payments with it). The only difference between it and Visa is that it's not a credit card but a debit card (you cannot spend more than you have in your account).

  • IsayaIsaya Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 747
    @revanbh @kmbogd I made a mistake in my wording about Visa and being restricted to the country. I was meaning to say that having a Visa card, as least in France, did not necessarily meant we could use it to pay abroad. Our banks sell two versions, local or international, and guess what, it's more expensive to get an international one. Most of our cards are only debit cards too.

    I agree there is a business damaging issue with the bank delivering the service to Beamdog if they refuse valid international cards and Beamdog loose customers.

    Going through Paypal and its local cards options might be an option for some people, hopefully.

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