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demi-lich?! How can there be a demi-lich in Black Pits?

YgramulYgramul Member Posts: 1,059
... and all the other crazy monsters -- but a demi-lich?

With practically godlike powers, how can an 'entertainer' compel one to stay around for dueling purposes?

Similar hoohaa for mindflayers and everything else, I suppose: they should be running an arena, not be an entertainment in it...

(not played it yet; just wondering if there is to be any suspension-of-disbelief...)


  • AlexTAlexT Member Posts: 760
    If you play through Neera's quest in Throne of Bhaal certain things about the Black Pits 2 will become clearer.

    For example, you will find out who is *really* running the show which puts some things into perspective.

    Also, remember that everyone in the pits was captured by The Winged who is an exceptionally powerful Fallen Planetar.

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