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What the hell is going on with Dorn's romance? (spoilers)

Naming @LiamEsler here just in case he's kind enough to respond...

Alright, I have Hexxat and Dorn in my party with a female PC. So far Hexxat's dialogue has mostly been talking about her past, which, cool. Dorn is more, uh, straightforward; also cool. Thus far the only romance-style bit my PC has been in with Dorn was the initial spar, to which she responded favorably.

Now I've had Dorn pop up a bit where he's saying he can see the hunger in her eyes. That's not what seems off; what seems off is the fact he's done it in two of the strangest possible situations. The first time he dropped it as the party was giving chase to the tanner in the Bridge District, which was utterly bizarre. The second time he did it when I left the Windspear Hills and returned to Amn. That appears to be based on time; it also happened when going to the Wild Forest, and both Amn and the Wild Forest are 24 hours from Windspear. Going to Trademeet, which is eight hours away, did not trigger his speech.

The thing that makes me wonder how intentional any of this might be is the fact that no matter what the response, your party automatically rests following the conversation. If I'm remembering the long, long ago romance between my old PC and Anomen, their sexytime dialogue popped up at a random point that we went to rest, which makes sense. I could see Dorn trying to jump the PC at any given moment, but if she shoots him down, resting seems silly unless the conversation is only supposed to pop when going to rest. And, obviously, the eight hours of rest while CHASING A BAD GUY is absurd.

I could just plow through the conversation, but I'm doubly concerned because in this regard, I want my PC to end up with Hexxat. Given that Hexxat says, "I thought you had better taste," if the PC sleeps with Dorn, it seems like maybe that closes off any shot with Hexxat later. I know you can juggle romances, at least for a while, but this is all too strange, and I don't want to go much farther in the game without resolving this because I want there to be enough time for all the NPC story stuff to play out.


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