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Thayan Circlet mechanics

enqenqenqenq Member Posts: 497
Am I to understand it simply adds 15 to the wild surge roll? Because "positive effect" depends on the situation. And even then, wild surges don't exclusively get better the higher the roll. But I guess it's simply +15 nonetheless?

While we're at it, what's with the asterisk next to (Improved) Chaos Shield when cast?

For the people who don't have it but want a go at the topic: It grants "+15% probability that a wild surge will have positive effect"


  • AranthysAranthys Member Posts: 705
    Yeah, it's a +15 roll on surge. Similar to Chaos Shield.
    If you use Improved Chaos Shield + that circlet with a level 30, that means you're getting a +60 or so roll when using Nahal's rezckless dweomer, turning all your level 1 spells into any spell 70% of the time.

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