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Crossbows stuck at 1 attack per round, regardless of gear/proficiency

Title says it all.

Currently, in the black pits I have a level 9 archer with Grand Mastery in crossbows.

According to the charts, Grand Mastery should give 2 attacks per round. The previous patch had the correct attacks per round.

Currently, I have 1 attack per round with crossbows. This does not change if I use heavy crossbows, light crossbows, use boots of speed, or use improved haste. I am still stuck at 1 per round.

I tested out using the crossbows on a separate character that had 0 proficiency in crossbows. He too only has 1 attack per round, regardless of using a heavy crossbow or a light crossbow.

I doubt the character stats matter, but here they are anyway.

18/98 strenght
19 Dexterity
17 Constitution
8 Intelligence
18 Wisdom
8 Charisma

Elf Archer, level 9


  • seawiedseawied Member Posts: 24
    This was not the case previously. In other D&D games like IWD, you are correct. In BG, they should have the potential for multiple attacks per round.

  • JitterBugJitterBug Member Posts: 37
    Right Just went and tested this with 2 different classes a bard and a fighter. fighters receive an extra 1/2 2x for an extra attack between 1-13. And they receive the bonus attack from mastery and below. so went in made level 13 fighter real fast with grandmaster sure enough got 3 attack. on bard with grand mastery(illegal) level 13 1 attack per round not sure if bard get any extra attack with levels. But than I went and farther altered the character to have 5 base attacks per round and only and only had 1 attack per round with cross bow, but 5 with swords. So it seems only fighters can get more than 1 attack per round with cross bows from mastery or levels. Did third test made another bard no illegal attacks or specializations and used haste with both potion and spell got extra attack giving me 2 per round...same as any bow. Than did illegal again with bard with haste and still only 2 attacks. So I guess its functions as intended assuming no other classes but fighter get bonus attacks per round naturally but for Modded character customization not so much since it will always default to 1 attack no matter how many attacks per round you actually have or specialization since extra attacks from specialization only applies to them. As for it not getting any when you haste idk....should have used a bow.

  • XukuthXukuth Member Posts: 78
    All crossbows have the property that they set your attacks to 1 per round, overriding any potential APR buffs (except for the Light Crossbow of Speed/Drow Crossbow of Speed, which set it to 2). This is what was intended in BG2, but it may or may not be working as intended in BG2:EE.

  • JitterBugJitterBug Member Posts: 37
    This ones been bothering me so started fiddling with it again. Level 13 Fighter 2 base attacks per round unarmed, Level 13 Archer 2 base attacks per round unarmed. Equip bow with no proficiencies to fighter 3 attacks, equip bow with no proficiencies archer 2 attacks, with mastery archer 3 attacks, fighter 4 attacks. So yeah seems ranged weapons have a base attack rate that neglects your own gains in attack per round with character levels unless your a fighter. Not entirely sure what to make of how its implemented really did more testing. Level 13 Archer Unarmed attacks per round 2 Proficiencies 5 Long bow, 3 Dual Wielding, 1 dagger. Short bow-2 Cross bow-1 Long bow-3 unarmed-2 non-proficient melee-1 Dagger-2 here is were I'm a bit confused after equipping dagger with illegal 1 proficiency than equipping long bow-4 than shortbow-2 crossbow-1 non-proficient melee-1. Did it again after equipping dagger this time with 1 proficiency cross bow -2. So I feel like ranged weapons are suppose to receive the benefit or added attacks from character level but was implanted oddly could be its as intended though I hope not because I find it annoying.

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