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Am I doing it right?

I've played these games on and off forever but I've always stuck to single classes and took the NPCs that I needed. This time I'm going to dual class my PC and im going to try to solo him. From what I've seen on the boards and around the internet the best classes to do this with is the berserker dualed to thief.He will be taken to lvl 13then dualed over. Is this the best choice for a solo run through? I've seen people saying that the kensai dualed to thief is the best but I'm looking to beable to wear bracers and rings etc so that negates that idea. I'm going to put 5 slots into staff because again I've seen that seems to be a good idea. Have I read everything right or is there another choice? I'm not looking for alot of magic use out of my game but I'm thinking more along the lines of fast killer who slaughters things before they know he is there. (next run through will be a cleric/mage I'm thinking) cheers


  • VicardVicard Member Posts: 8
    Cleric/Mage multiclass is excellent for soloing. Best of both worlds and decent armor (Melodic chain and Bladesinger chain) though Robe of vecna might still be a bit better.
    Berserker/Thief is good too but sorely lacking in magic which is a must when fighting mages and litches etc.
    Kensai/Mage is best though. Not being able to use armor, missile weapons and gauntlets/bracers is a minor problem since you'd not be able to use armor with a mage anyway, missile weapons aren't that good and there aren't really any bracers/gauntlets in the game that you absolutely need.

  • moody_magemoody_mage Member Posts: 2,051
    Berserker/Thief is much more playable at lower levels than Kensai/Thief - and really doesn't lose out on much more damage (plus get some very nifty immunities from Berserker Rage).

    Personally I would be two weapon fighting rather than using a staff. Yeah you can get some better backstabs in with a certain staff but for general play being able to turn yourself into a mook mincing machine by dual wielding is more beneficial.

  • IcecreamtubIcecreamtub Member Posts: 544
    edited November 2013

    I find Cleric/Thief to be the best solo class, personally.

    It just depends on how you like to play your character. ^^

    Naturally, ?/Thief is a almost mandatory thing. Traps are deadly! :c

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