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Any way to "conserve" save slots?

I'm addicted to BG:EE and I'd like to experiment with other classes (create multiple PCs to explore all aspects of the game). I was wondering if anyone could point me to a thread on how to "set aside" saves so that they don't get overwritten when a new character is created. I accidentally overwrote my save that was furthest along, and was so heartbroken that I stopped playing for a few weeks. Thanks in advance!


  • FafnirFafnir Member Posts: 232
    I'm not sure what you're asking. There is no way to set the files as write-only, so the only advice I can give is "pay attention".

    Perhaps make a copy of the save files somewhere just in case.

  • AyiekieAyiekie Member Posts: 931
    It would have been good to have a "character" tab to more easily keep the save file from separate playthroughs from getting confused (like Mass Effect had), though I expect that'd require further UI redesign to not be clunky.

  • Laker_RangerLaker_Ranger Member Posts: 11
    Okay- so I was making this too hard. My solution was this:

    In the BG:EE folder in the "My Documents" folder, I created another folder called "ArchivedSaves" and put a sub-folder within for each character (named: "Charname_Class"). When I want to change what PC I'm currently using, I just cut and paste the save folders I want to use, from the Archive into the save folder, remove the ones I won't be using for a while to the archive.
    That's what I get for drinking whiskey while gaming...

    Thanks for your input, people!

  • ErgErg Member Posts: 1,756
    What I normally do, it's simply renaming the save folder.

    Example: let's say I have a PC called Foo, but I want to play with a second PC called Bar.
    I rename "save" -> "save_foo" and create an empty "save" folder for Bar

    When I want to go back to Foo, I simply rename
    "save" -> "save_bar"
    "save_foo" -> "save"

  • zur312zur312 Member Posts: 1,366
    zip it and send it to your mail so you won't overwrite them?

  • SgthawkerSgthawker Member Posts: 31
    Just keep creating new save games, I use my current " on the way to the arms" or "< > mines level 3" and just keep creating new ones with the area I am in or heading to in the title. Never lost a save game yet....!

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