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Best/Worst Win/Death Moments

KraytKnightKraytKnight Member Posts: 31
Post your worst/best win or death experiences here from either Baldur's Gate 1 or 2.


  • KraytKnightKraytKnight Member Posts: 31
    Well, to start this off mine was when I went to fight firkraag for the first time at level 10, and it took 3 trys to beat him because I didn't know he had a wizard and could turn into a dragon.

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,298
    edited August 2012
    The worst I can think of is anything involving small, weak creatures, and a lucky hold spell used on you or one of your party members. So probably Kobalds.

    That and getting petrified by traps.

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  • limlitelimlite Member Posts: 12
    It was a gloomy morning after an eventful night as Imoen spotted a gibberling. Heya, she said, and ... we got killed by a gibberling, the end, five minutes into my first playthrough of BG.

  • gfm50gfm50 Member Posts: 124
    It was a gloomy morning after an eventful night as Imoen spotted a gibberling. Heya, she said, and ... we got killed by a gibberling, the end, five minutes into my first playthrough of BG.
    LOL. I had the same thing happen to me on my first playthrough. I was like gg gibberlings, gg.

  • raywindraywind Member Posts: 289
    worst thing was to hit vampiric wolf for 10minutes before noticing i cant hit it after 50 or more deaths. i know im stubborn one and cant quit

  • ArcalianArcalian Member Posts: 357
    Demi Lich.

    Mind Flayer City.

  • Ulfgar_TorunnUlfgar_Torunn Member Posts: 169
    edited August 2012
    On my most recent playthrough of BG, I experienced frequent and extremely frustrating deaths in the maze under the Thieve's Guild. The culprits? Two skeleton warriors encountered in one of the maze's many winding hallways.

    Between the atrocious pathfinding (and constant backtracking) and the numerous traps, It was all I could do to defeat the skeleton warriors while keeping my party from being one-shotted by a fireball or lightning bolt.

  • ManveruManveru Member Posts: 75
    I made a cow fall on the top of my friends head (he was a thief) while I tried to buff him, sadly for him I was a Wild-Mage

  • CoM_SolaufeinCoM_Solaufein Member Posts: 2,607
    BG2 fighting a dragon for the first time. I didn't know anything about wing attacks and the ability to knock you across the room. Well I laugh so hard when I saw my party get knocked all over the room and didn't keep track of my hit points and died.

  • ThightrickThightrick Member Posts: 4
    The first time I got trapped in the planar sphere (with my lowlvl party) and had to fight through the bunch of crazy halflings...That fight took many hours!

  • MooseChangerPatMooseChangerPat Member Posts: 148
    That stupid fricking wolf in the first area when all you've got is Imoen and a Gnome Illusionist. This didn't happen to me, but it almost completely turned my brother in law off of Baldur's Gate forever.

    As for ME, the first time I came up against the imprisonment spell was pretty traumatic, but probably the worst way of dying I can recall was that stupid mage outside the friendly arm inn. I freaking hate that there was such a high level mage so early on in the game, who still gives you practically squat for EXP.

    As for one of my greatest moments? I'd have to say it was when I was up against Firkraag, and the rest of my party were either, dead, stuck, afraid, or otherwise incapacitated, and Haer'Dalis took him on all by himself. God bless you blade bards, and a Tiefling's natural fire resistance. He got him with Celestial fury and a few offensive and defensive spins, and Firkraag just couldn't get through all his stoneskins, mirror images, and insane AC bonuses he could give himself. That was one of the coolest things I'd ever seen.

  • DrugarDrugar Member Posts: 1,566
    Yesterday night I was clearing Watcher's Keep and opened the final seal to The Imprisoned One's prison. The summoned creatures curbstomped my party (who were completely unprepared as I had thought "I'm sure I can take 'em" in my hubris) and I reloaded and prepared a bit. Then they did it again.

    I got a drink, a snack, took my shirt off and buffed the crap out of my party. Having passed 3 million XP a while ago, everyone got doped up on their high level abilities. A deva was summoned, as well as a flesh golem, a bunch of ogres, a bunch of sword spiders, some bearweres, a barbarian warrior and a wyvern.
    Bless, Chant, Protection from Evil, Draw Upon Holy Might, Holy Power, Stoneskin, Mirror Image, Simulacrum, Protection from Fear, Resist Fire, Haste, Improved Invisibility.
    Opened the seal and completely and utterly crushed the opposition. Then quickly gathered up the loot, stormed down the stairs and rammed the Imprisoned One's tail down his throats.
    Felt good.

  • SynergeticSynergetic Member Posts: 69
    I clicked the wrong dialogue one time and the siren kissed my main... raaaaage! >:(

  • KenKen Member Posts: 226
    Maybe the first time to Spellhold..

    I just RAN over the bridge, which caused Minsc to permanently petrified, and I just kept playing..

    Goodbye Minsc!

  • BjjorickBjjorick Member Posts: 1,208
    casting limited wish and selecting the *i wish to be more experienced* option. Geting surrounded by golems, and getting killed without a chance.....first the mages fell, then the healers. mince and pc lasted longer and took out most of them, but the adamantite golem finally killed them both. Then, clicking load to try again and realizing it had been about 30-40 mins since i last saved :(

  • DejwoSWKDejwoSWK Member Posts: 35
    Worst possible death is after you defeat strong group of enemies and one of your party members has berserk and kills off everyone

  • jhart1018jhart1018 Member Posts: 909
    Getting main character imprisoned when I have a mage in my party high enough level to cast Freedom. Anything involving mind flayers. Beholders. I hate beholders with fiery, unholy passion. Even Gauths. My favorite means of killing monsters varies according to my class. Sorcerers usually involve casting time stop, some debuffs, more time stop, some horribly damaging spells, and then laughing maniacally while everything unfriendly on the screen explodes. If I'm a rogue, epic level spike traps. I started getting them as a throwaway perk because I'd chosen everything else I wanted; then I started using them. They take out the worst bosses in seconds; each one does hundreds of points of damage.

  • EvinfuiltEvinfuilt Member Posts: 505
    Best, without a doubt, after removing all his protection spells, successfully casting Enfeeble on Irenicus and walking out of the city.

    Weirdest moment, many days later deciding to kill Irenicus and finding him stuck at 1hp, unable to die (till I dispelled the enfeeble off of him, seems he was hard-coded to not die without his speech nor speak when enfeebled.)

    Worst death, I too died to the first Gibberling. Second would be Ulcaster Ruins with SCS installed and not thinking ahead (the archer heavy group WAS useful till then.)

  • spacejawsspacejaws Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 372
    The wizard who appears in naskel after you examine a grave. Before the internet I thought it was an uber secret that would yield crazy items but always got blown to bits.

  • xLegionxxLegionx Member Posts: 197
    Oh wow where to begIN?! Well... I guess 2 of my most savage death experiences were mostly in bg1. My party exploring the eastern territory of the bg world we were ambushed by annoying basiliks and my whole party got turned to stone and this was in my beginner years in bg.

    My second most death experience was my battle with Sarevok. Lol I honestly didn't think it would matter with my whole party dying since I am fighting the main boss so I made some sacrifices. Summoning massive amounts of creatures to keep Sarevok at bay while I took care of his lackeys I had my 2 fighters run in to bring in the savage dps to Sarevok. Unfortunately, I had so many summoned creatures around them that I couldn't move them out of there in time before Sarevok cut them both down (poor Minsc... T.T). Anyway, I had my 2 mages, cleric, and thief to bring out the pain. Unfortunately with Sarevoks magic resistance and my thief's terrible combat prowess there was little I could do. My comrades ended up getting feared and confused and it was pretty much easy pickings for Sarevok from then on. God those were some stressful moments then but it was totally worth every minute of it!

  • jhart1018jhart1018 Member Posts: 909
    I think the very first wolf killed my very first bard. I rolled a ranger next and lived to beat Sarevok. Eventually.

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