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Problem with portraits

EpinEpin Member Posts: 0
edited December 2012 in Original BG2 Bugs

In BG1EE I chose on of the new portait. When I try to import my char from the game to BG2 in place of avatar I have just question mark, how can I fix that?

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  • krikkertkrikkert Member Posts: 26
    The new portraits obviously doesn't exist in the BG 2 folders, so you will have to place them there. Were I you I would simply take screenshots of the portrait you want in BG1EE and place it in the portrait folder in BG2. make sure to have the right sizes. Big picture 110x170, and small picture...erhm i'm not sure if i remember correctly, but i think it might be 38x60 or something. You can easily find that info around the net. just google it

  • TheWayOutisThruTheWayOutisThru Member Posts: 2
    The easiset way around the problem of BG2 not having the portraits you have chosen for your BG1 character that you have imported across, is to simply 'customize' that character and choose a new one once you have started BG2. this obviously won't be the same portrait, but it is the quickest way to deal with it if you can't be hassled sorting through the portrait folders etc...
    hope this helps
    Happy Hunting.

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