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hello and questions

Hello everyone! I've created an account to vent some frustrations I've been finding with BG and BG2 regarding role playing. Hope that's ok with everyone. Having a lot of trouble posting threads atm tho for some reason..

-Why do people hate on Hexxat?
-What is the girdle of masculinity/femininity for?
-What practical purpose does the helmet of opposite alignment serve?


  • XaonaughtXaonaught Member Posts: 6
    Hi there.
    I haven't gotten far into the new content and my experience with Hexxat has been buggy or in some way faulted but I think she's an interesting new addition. I've been playing the games since their initial release and I think that she fits well into the setting, as she is evil and comes with the annoying restriction of poor combat in daylight I can see why some would not like her. But personally I think a thief that can back-stab with a dagger and a +8 strength bonus on hit is a pretty great thing to have. The girdle, at least for me, is for laughing at npcs during relationships as you change them from man to woman and every which gender. The helm, I am not sure about, the only time I've really noticed alignment play in is your starting party reputation. But, It may serve to stop evil characters leaving the party if your reputation hits 19-20.

  • stormsaberstormsaber Member Posts: 15
    Yeah my chaotic good charname got a kick out of changing Kagain from Lawful Evil to chaotic good first time around.. and you've gotta love Hexxat's +8 STR. Still don't really understand the girdle tho thanks for the reply!

  • Time4TiddyTime4Tiddy Member Posts: 262
    The girdle is a cursed item, it's really not intended for anything other than to accidentally put it on without first identifying it.

  • PurudayaPurudaya Member Posts: 816
    Another good use for the helm of opposite alignment is for alignment-restricted items. It's kinda screwy from an RP perspective, but there might just be a time when a specific situation calls for a certain item that a proficient character can't use due to an alignment restriction. Slap on the helmet, equip the item, win the fight, take it off, and try to ignore the existential ramifications :)

  • stormsaberstormsaber Member Posts: 15
    edited December 2013
    Haha thanks @Purudaya, I never thought of that.. Hmm I wonder why there aren't more gender-restricted quests and items then.. might allow for the ability to use that girdle more!

  • HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
    edited December 2013
    I don't think everything in the game needs to have a purpose. I mean actually when u think about it, from a RP perspective, it's slightly stupid that super-villains like Irenicus would pack his dungeons full of useful supplies and weapons for the hero and his friends to make their escape. :D

    I mean if I was Karoug the Greater Wolfwere on the Isle of Balduran, I would enforce an import ban on silver and melt down those damned sharp instruments of death on my ship!

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