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#7229 [NEERA] Ghallus outside of cage

KolivaKoliva Member Posts: 27
edited December 2013 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)
In my game Ghallus is outside of his cage, while the mercenary he's supposed to fight is inside his cage. Sometimes they fight through the door, but most of the time they can't fight at all (and I have to kill the mercenary so that Ghallus "wins").

Save file attached.


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  • KolivaKoliva Member Posts: 27

    I do have a saved game from sometime before the enclave and I've managed to reproduce the bug.

    I've retraced my steps as faithfully as possible (except for using ctrl-y to kill things). I do not know which of the steps can be omitted, but simply walking in, starting a fight and then making a bee line for Ghallus seems to not trigger the bug.

    * I walked in and chose not to fight the red wizards right away.
    * I dominated (as in the lvl 5 wizard spell) the two guards and the two rightmost unnamed merchants.
    * I asked Gul Dukeem about buying some slaves.
    * A fight broke out, I killed everyone involved.
    * I let Gul Dukeem live.
    * I told Fadell that we're on Red Wizard business.
    * I witnessed the conversation between the male Red Wizard and female mercenary.
    * I stole Fadell's journal.
    * I went to the room Ghallus is in.

    And yep, I do have the latest patch and I don't play with any mods.


  • ArdanisArdanis Member Posts: 1,662
    edited December 2013
    Can't reproduce via suggested steps, but I see what is likely the cause - one set of Ghallus' coordinates point outside of the cage.

    Logged as #7229

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