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Ulgoth's Beard (Spoilers)

KhalKhal Member Posts: 53
Sooo again I ran into a problem. Although this time I think it's a lack of strategy issue more then anything else.

After completing Durlag's Tower I came back to Ulgoth's Beard, got attacked but the culties and all that good stuff. Now I am having some trouble with the demon.
I don't think I have ever really fought creatures that were both resistant to magic and also managed to demobilize half my team before I could do any damage.
Protection from petrification (the nearest thing I could come up with) does not work at all. When you summon a whole bunch of stuff around him, he doesn't seem to care very much and doesn't get distracted by them as most monsters do. Frankly I may just not have the time to summon enough, but summoning them upstairs doesn't work, since they don't follow.

I've empties most of the room off other opponents (I think there's two left, but I don't see them and they don't bother me) by sending one guy down there with a fireball ring, shooting the fireball, running up stairs, getting healed and doing it again. Not sure if it was the right strategies, and I sure used up a completely good ring, but it works. Except this dude is immune to magic damage, thus didn't really care about that.

Now I've tried different modes of attack.
1. Everyone shoots, while I attempt to surround him by summoned monsters so he has trouble getting to me. He still manages to hold/kill half my group
2. Everyone shoots, monsters still summoned, two guys go up to him (or rather meet him half way) and start hitting him with swords, which should theoretically cause more damage. Still doesn't work

I am sure I've tried other things, just can't remember them off the top of my head at the moment.

Does anyone have any good advice in terms of what protection I should be using etc.
I am sure I wasn't the only one who had trouble with this particular part (or at least I hope I wasn't), so strategies that worked would be much appreciated.

(Sorry that this is lengthy again)

realized that I have to kill all of the other guys, because otherwise they just resummon the ...aham... thing


  • TheGraveDiggerTheGraveDigger Member Posts: 336
    This method always works for me on core rules.

    Before heading down the stairs my fighters drink strength potions, my casters get vocalized, and everyone gets hasted.

    When I enter the room...
    Everyone spreads out and starts killing the cultists. Make sure they're all dead before you bother hurting the demon, otherwise it will just respawn when killed. Use a tank and monster summons to keep it busy.

    Get everyone to drink a Potion of Mirrored Eyes about 5 seconds after entering, or when the demon spawns... It will protect from the death gaze. But if someone does get infected cast dispel magic on them

    Acid attacks and magic missles work well on the demon. Fire is useless.

  • KhalKhal Member Posts: 53

    Acid attacks and magic missles work well on the demon. Fire is useless.

    Magic missiles work despite the fact that he has magic resistance? Interesting... I don't think I have anyone one who casts it, but it's still nice to know.
    Is there any other spell that would also work?

    Get everyone to drink a Potion of Mirrored Eyes about 5 seconds after entering, or when the demon spawns... It will protect from the death gaze.

    Where would you say is the closest place get the Mirrored Eyes potion?
    And why would it work differently then protection from petrification spell (which according to the description also does the eye mirroring thing)?

  • WebDrakeWebDrake Member Posts: 35
    Khal said:

    And why would it work differently then protection from petrification spell (which according to the description also does the eye mirroring thing)?

    Protection from petrification ... protects you against petrification. But this demon does not turn you to stone.

    By contrast, if I recall right the Mirrored Eyes potion protects against all gaze attacks.

  • TheGraveDiggerTheGraveDigger Member Posts: 336
    Sorcerous Sundries and the guy in High Hedge should have some. I never use them until that fight, so I've usually always got enough.

    The spell only stops petrification, whereas the potion will stop ALL types of gaze attack. Check them both in an item editor to see.

  • TheGraveDiggerTheGraveDigger Member Posts: 336
    This might clear things up better. It's a quote from CamDawg, one of the official guys here.

    "Aec'Letec has a paralyzation attack; anything that protects against hold should block this. Death Gaze is blocked by the potion of mirrored eyes, being a gaze attack. Death Gaze paralyzes (anti-hold stuff protects against this) but also includes an instant death-component, which AFAICT isn't blocked by anything. After 30 seconds the victim chunks and becomes a ghast unless dispelled. Aec'Letec also spams silence and vampiric touch and LOVES to target (via spells or attacks) any disabled party member.

    All of its abilities are subject to magic resistance, and all but Vampiric Touch have saving throws. Protection from Petrification does nothing against his paralyzation and gaze. You'd be best served loading up on potions of mirrored eyes to prevent Death Gaze, or at least loading up on dispel magic to remove it. Beyond that, items or spells that prevent/remove hold (i.e. free action) or increase magic resistance would be your next set of buffs.

    We should probably look at removing the 'gaze reflection' string from the spell, since it's definitely not a gaze reflector. "

  • Xei_Win_TohXei_Win_Toh Member Posts: 43
    Protection from Magic scroll will protect you from everything he does except physical attacks.
    Viconia with the potion of +50% magic resistance does the same.
    Other options have been detailed above.

    As for meleeing him, an 18 dex fighter with full plate, Ring of Protection +2, Helm and Cloak of Balduran, the shield+2 from Durlag's Tower, and the Golden Girdle can definitely go up against him without being shredded by his claws.

  • RogolRogol Member Posts: 19
    edited December 2013
    One of the biggest tips that I can give for this guy: spread out. His paralyze attack is a ranged, targeted area of effect, which he'll initially throw on the guy nearest to him (should be your tankiest fighter). Disaster can only result from being bunched up; however, if you stretch out along the back wall, he'll likely hit ONLY your fighter with his hold--and this shouldn't be a big deal, as your fighter should have drank a potion of magic blocking before engaging. My latest kill had everyone along the back wall (or near it--some had to move up to toss fireballs, etc.), with Khalid charging in to tank the demon.

    Besides positioning there is buffing: potions of storm giant strength, heroism, magic blocking (the one that grants automatic success on saving throws), etc; spells like bless, chant, pro. evil, blur, etc. Khalid killed Aec'Letec solo before I managed to get all of the cultists down, so I actually killed Aec'Letec twice this time through BG.

    One more tip: the chalice from Durlag's Labyrinth--never see anyone mention this one. It's got five charges of complete heal, with the side effect of making the drinker "flee at the first sign of danger" or some such. Well, I used all five charges on my main tank throughout my last run of BG, and not once did he disengage. So unless you sold or discarded the chalice, use it to deal with Aec'Letec's damage output.

  • KhalKhal Member Posts: 53
    edited December 2013
    Hm I couldn't find the potion suggested so I came up with my own tactic. Not sure how useful it is, and admittedly it took more then a few tries to put into play but here it is (in case it helps someone else later on):

    1. I killed all the people in the room. Walked one hasted guy in, listened to the woman talk and then got out. She actually follows you, but she is easy to kill.
    2. Send the hasted guy down stairs with a fireball necklaces. Shoot fireball, let it take damage, get out, heal up, repeat. Ended up actually leaving two of them alive, which I only found out about later.
    3. Send the same hasted guy down stairs with a good sward. Make him attract the slower demean to one side of the room, while my guy runs over and hits one the the remaining cult guys. They are pretty weak, but this takes a while because he can rarely get more then one hit in at a time. When they are dead, run upstairs and heal up.
    4. Go down there with the whole party. Get the hasted guy to hit the demean a couple times with a sword while the rest of the party clears out of the way and positions itself against one side of the room. Then the hasted guy proceeds to run around the room as a decoy and distracting the demeans attention while the rest of the party shoots the him down with ranged weapons.
    Here you have to make sure that the demean doesn't actually hold anyone, or he will leave the decoy and attack the guy who is held. He actually ended up doing that anyway, but he was hurt enough for me to have time to finish him off.
    The decoy was Hasted and also drank Potion of Heroism and Potion of Invulnerability. Not sure if either of them helped but it was for good measure I guess.

    Thank you so much everyone for your advice! I am sure I will use it if not in this fight, then in the next.

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