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Black Pits Player Party PVP 1v1 up to 3v3 or 6v6

I'd really like to see a multi-player feature for the Black Pits. Where you could challenge other people's groups or engage in games like Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatches or with duplicate arenas for each group to award the team who kills the enemy mob first.



  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,147
    I'd really like to see this too, but the devs also have to focus on other things, 3v3 might be possible, while 6v6 is, well, the game is so hardcoded when about the number of characters you can have in your party, that they won't even dare to change it (it could make the keyboard attck you during loading times :P) because they might not know how it is made at all.
    Also, it might be a pain, imagine all the cheaters with the CLUA :P I will use a script I have somewhere that auto casts spells and you don't even need to be a mage to cast one. Xtreame Xploits. And well, if someone scores a Crit. Hit, you will start yelling that it is unfair, and what if you get chuncked? And what about powergamers like me? And what about level up, HLAs, and all those D&D things? What about pausing settings??? It will be difficult to made, but even more to play.
    Still, I really want them to make a PvP, just to go to 1)slay n00bs 2)slay more n00s 3)use insane tactics to won to everybody 4)make a "Guild of Cheese" and create TNO as a F/M/T with a cheesy BS so he can slay on everyone while I play BG:EE in my iPad by burning peope with a Dragon Disciple named Ignus XD
    But still wanting too, much n00bs to be slayed! Much people from Steam that recently discovered the game and feel OP after clearing the Circus' Tent with their complete parties alive. Just the thing I want hardiest is to have the change to hummiliate others, sorry but, is the thing I really want.
    And, I am Chaotic Evil, so no one could even make me think what mercy means. As Vhailor says:"Kill the noobs" no, he says "No mercy" and you might thing I a, drunk, but no, my bad crammar is to due the time 2:30 AM, also I am a little mad and, well, EEEEEEVIL!!!!! And I am very lazy to search for mistakes in this wall of text.

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