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BG2 Unfinished business mod help - possible spoilers

I am new to the forum and am hoping for some help regarding the unfinished business mod as I seem to be stuck.

When returning from the temple to The Copper Coronet after talking to Gorje, Ungar has nothing to say to me, and Gorje is not there. I would like not to use the substitute (as to finishing this mod as intended), so hopefully some of you have a clue to what I have done wrong.

Also in the Boo gets adopted quest I have read somewhere the quest should lead me to Trademeet. For some reason I end up fighting the female mage/Boo snatcher in the Government District and Boo is returned to Minsc right after that - without the party ever leaving the city.

Any help will be appriciated - and thanks in advance.


  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,198
    As for the Gorje/Unger quest, I've had nothing but problems with it. Either brother refusing to spawn/talk has plagued me from day one, I don't think I've ever managed to finish it properly. I did some research and couldn't pinpoint the problem exactly, so lately I've been using the "solution" of going through it as far as I can, and when it eventually bugs out I just add the ore via SK.

    As for Boo, I don't recall the Trademeet part at all. I've always had it happen just as you said, Docks/Government District, and pretty much done with it. To be fair, I've donly done it twice, so maybe I missed something... but it seemed pretty wrapped up, didn't you think so?

  • ShinShin Member Posts: 2,344
    Pretty sure there's no Trademeet component to the Boo kidnapping quest anymore, but iirc once upon a time the spell that the special pet store owner uses to transport you out could dump you in the druid grove.

    As for Unger and Gorje assuming you talked to Unger first and then got Gorje to leave the temple, it sounds like a mod conflict or bug, but unlike @Lord_Tansheron I've never had any troubles with this quest (including installations with ~50 other mods, so I'm not inclined to think it inherently broken). You could try just using the console to create Gorje in there and talk to them again, but if Unger won't say anything you may have to change a global variable as well. What other mods do you use?

  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,198
    I use a plethora of other mods. I've tried console-spawning the NPCs, but that didn't solve the scripting issue. I could look up the global variables specifically, but to be honest it sounds like too much work for such a minor sidequest.

    Regardless of whether I talk to Unger first, find the Temple Ruins first, or do whatever other order, I've never gotten it to work; that's 10+ times by now.

    I wholly expected it to be a mod interference issue, but as I said: too much effort involved in finding out what causes it, and too much risk of something RELEVANT breaking in the process. Sucks to not have it work, but I've learned to live with it...

  • ShinShin Member Posts: 2,344
    Yeah, definitely sounds like a particular mod incompatability/install order issue then. I've literally never had an issue with it in about as many playthroughs.

  • doggydoggy Member Posts: 313
    Thanks for the quick replies. I will just add the ore instead or try a reload with other answers to Gorje in the Temple Ruins to see if that should do the trick.

    I am only doing Unfinished Business, DungeonBeGone and BG Tweaks (mods installed before tweaks) at the moment but am considering trying Ascencion - have only heard good things about it on this forum.

    I got back Boo and really enjoyed the banters through the quest, so it does not really matter that I don´t have to go to Trademeet as well during the quest.

  • AnotherLifeAnotherLife Member Posts: 115
    I'm encountering a specific glitch regarding this mod, although I've finished Minsc's quest and got Boo back and Minsc is fine stat-wise, has Boo, etc, he occasionally throws up some banter in the console as if Boo was missing. Which variable is glitched ?

    Also, I've seen his banter with Neera miscasting a spell and stripping Boo of his fur (lol) about 6 times now, it seems glitched, too.

  • AnotherLifeAnotherLife Member Posts: 115
    Meehhhh how do I set Minsc's soundset back to the default ? For example, if I select him until he is annoyed he mentions Boo is missing, although he is not ... the savegame has global var WWBOOGONE = 2

    Even if I add all three vars mentoned here:;wap2

    He still uses Banter that mentions missing Boo.

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