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new fighter stats

I have been trying to roll a good fighter and so far this is the best I have come up with. Should I go with this or try some more.

p.s this is my first playthrough


  • moody_magemoody_mage Member Posts: 2,052
    Have you not updated your game recently? There is no 'total' roll at the bottom.

    I assume you are wanting to dual-class into mage later on? Ideally you want an 18 in both Dex and Con as well as in Str. An 18 in Int won't go wrong either.

    If as well as the above you can get more than 18/60 in Str you'll appreciate it at the start of the game.

  • BrudeBrude Member Posts: 560
    For a fighter, you want:

    18/XX STR (try and get over 18/50)
    18 DEX
    18 CON

    Keep everything else at 10 or above. INT & WIS are useless for fighters. CHA is only good for favorable NPC reactions (f you're too damn ugly some party members may refuse to join outright) & small vendor discounts.

  • EldraneEldrane Member Posts: 56
    Ok Brude, I'm going with this build for new character too, when's the earliest I should duel to Mage to play both BG1&2 ?

  • moody_magemoody_mage Member Posts: 2,052
    I'm not Brude but generally the favoured places to stop gaining Fighter levels are as follows;

    Level 7 - Extra APR
    Level 9 - Extra Weapon Proficiency
    Level 13 - Extra APR

    It really depends how long you are willing to wait to get your Fighter levels back.

  • FafnirFafnir Member Posts: 232
    Not too late if you want to play in BG1 as a mage and not a high-Int fighter.
    Perhaps as soon as level 3, though that gives very little aside from equipment options in BG2. Level 7 would be much better, but it's very awkward to do in BG1.

    To be honest, I think if you want to play a double class character for the whole saga you're better off multiclassing.

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