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Black pit 2 tier 4 battle 16


  • FinneousPJFinneousPJ Member Posts: 6,456
    Which battle is this? I thought each tier only had like 4-5 battles.

  • Epok999Epok999 Member Posts: 8
    It's the battle #16 - first battle in the fourth tier. I can't kill them myself. They teleport to your mages, dispel your protections at will and you don't have enough time to cast strong defensive spells anyways... and they are super strong in melee too, and they seem to cast blade barrier (or maybe the strongest version of it?) at will too. And, of course, they all have a high magic resistance. Have I mentioned they were six, too?
    I tried to reduce their spell resist and I was able to kill one or two before they kill my entire party. The problem is that they seem to recover easily (they even heal themselves at will super rapidly and dispel everything almost instantly), and all the spells that reduce spell resist only target one creature, and casting time is too long to be viable in this combat. Area spells are tricky here too, because they teleport to your mages whenever they want. If I had like six tank fighter characters I think it would be easier, but that's not possible.
    If someone know their weakness (if there is any) please help. I tought I was good at that game...

  • NachtiNachti Member Posts: 88
    Timestops, Contigency, or a char with -20 AC.

  • FinneousPJFinneousPJ Member Posts: 6,456
    Ah, yes. This is one of the most challenging fights for sure.

    I completed it by popping non-dispellable buffs on the first round:

    Inquisitor - Hardiness
    Barbarian - Hardiness
    Archer - Smite
    K->M - Spell Immunity: Abjuration (Immunity to Dispel)
    Cleric - Elemental Summon
    Sorcerer - Summon Planetar

    Hope the summons keep at least one of the enemies busy. When the enemies cast their blade barriers, use a dispel. It seems they only have one casting of it, thank goodness. After this, pop your best physical damage buffs - critical strike and WWA. Focus fire and you'll find they drop quite fast at this point. Horrid Wilting works on the Astral Devas IIRC but not the Monadic ones... still helps, however.

    Of course the fine points of your strategy will vary depending on party composition.

  • FinneousPJFinneousPJ Member Posts: 6,456
    BTW I think they require +4 weapons so make sure you have those.


  • Epok999Epok999 Member Posts: 8
    Ok ok ok I did it. I used a lot of meat shields (skeletons - they are still usefull even there), and a lot of simulacrum and a lot of dispel and reduce resist spells. The key here was the summoned creatures, since I don't have a char with -20 AC.

  • DungeonnoobDungeonnoob Member Posts: 315
    Had a painful time against the Deva,she always found a way to escape when near death but with true sight and some powerful cleric spells thrown at her when she was close to death made this battle much easier for me.

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