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wizard slayer. what i would have wanted it to be

Pros: immune against all that berserk rage protects against+timestop+unconsious+instant death effects.

Cons: as now

Would have been fun. I hate losing control of my npc.


  • tennisgolfbolltennisgolfboll Member Posts: 457
    Oh and protection vs drain stats but add the con that stats cannot be buffed.

  • mjsmjs Member Posts: 742
    there's a really nice bg2ee Wizard Slayer mod that I'm going to use when I get round to taking my bgee out

    This warrior specializes in hunting down wielders of arcane magic. To that end, he conditions his body to resist magic and learns attack techniques that can disrupt arcane spellcasting. This rigorous training regimen requires the Wizard Slayer to forego the use of any magic items besides weapons, armor and healing potions. In addition, he must remain fully devoted to his cause and cannot pursue additional professions.

    - Starts with 10% base magic resistance
    - Gains an additional +2% bonus to magic resistance for every level of experience
    - Gains the Disrupt Magic passive ability at first level
    - Gains the Shatter Magic ability at first level and every 8 levels thereafter

    - Cannot use any magic items except for weapons, armor and healing potions
    - Cannot dual-class

    Disrupt Magic:
    Whenever a Wizard Slayer lands a successful hit on an arcane spellcaster the target is afflicted with a cumulative spell failure penalty. During the next 3 rounds, the victim has a 10% base chance to miscast any arcane spell plus 1% for every experience level the Wizard Slayer attains. This passive ability is always in effect.

    Shatter Magic:
    A Wizard Slayer can channel his innate magic resistance into his weapons in order to break through the magical defenses of arcane spellcasters. During the round when this ability is activated, each successful hit removes one combat and one specific protection from his target. However, this temporarily nullifies the Wizard Slayer's innate magic resistance making him vulnerable to magic during the next 2 rounds. Until his magic resistance recovers, the Wizard Slayer cannot use any special abilities that rely on it.


    Revised Wizard Slayer item restrictions

    This component slightly loosens the item restrictions that are normally imposed on the Wizard Slayer. It can be installed in two ways.

    The Minimal changes option will allow the Wizard Slayer to use items which increase magic resistance, such as the Amulet of 5% Magic Resistance, Kaligun's Amulet of Magic Resistance, the Cloak of Balduran and the Potion of Magic Protection

    In addition to everything mentioned above, the Moderate changes option allows the Wizard Slayer to also use items which provide protection from magic in some form, such as the Cloak of Mirroring, Belt of Inertial Barrier, Amulet of Spell Warding, Ring of Spell Turning, Potion of Magic Shielding and Potion of Magic Blocking.

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