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The Consolidated Reported Issues Thread (Please Read Before Posting!) (SPOILER WARNING)

IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
edited December 2013 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)
This thread will attempt to document the tracked issues that we know about, their bug numbers, and a short description of the issue. Please read this thread before posting about your issue. Add "Me Too" reports to the relevant threads.

That said, this thread and the linked threads are probably CHOCK FULL of spoilers. Be warned, but please help us by reporting issues and making sure your issue isn't one already posted here. Apologies in advance for spoilers.

For the moment I am locking the thread as we are adding reports to it. We'd like to keep this as clean as we can.

Need help working around an issue? Please see this thread to see if your issue can be worked around while we're fixing it.

Help Us Help You!
Want your bug to get fixed faster? Want more attention to your issue than your friend's issue that's not affecting you?

Help us help you!

* Look for your problem here first! If you don't find it, try a keyword search on the forum next.

* As much as possible, avoid posting Duplicate Issues. It's more helpful for us to see 15 "Me Too!"s in a single thread than 15 threads saying you've got a problem.

* If you have a modded install, UNINSTALL ALL MODS and verify that your issue is actually an issue with the game before posting. If it's a mod issue, please post it in the relevant section.

Reporting Bugs
When reporting bugs, please include the following information:

* A Saved Game. - Save your game often in different slots and upload your ZIPPED (or RARed) saved game to your bug report thread.

* A Set of Steps to Reproduce the Problem - This is VERY important. As you can see we get a ton of bug reports... having concise steps to reproduce the issue will get your bug a quick bug report...which is the first step to getting it fixed.

* If it is a dialog issue, please include a screenshot (or if that is not possible, an exact transcript of the conversation).

* Any Additional Information you think is relevant. If you've found a workaround or solution, post that also!

The easier it is on us to verify your problem, the faster your bug will get into the official bug reporting system...and thus the faster it will get fixed.

Beyond this:

* Keep watch on your thread - Please be available to answer questions or provide additional information.

WARNING: Threads we CANNOT get enough information to work with will be moved to Not An Issue to avoid clutter, as will duplicate threads.

* Once your thread has been responded to, please make sure to use the @name method to "summon" the people who are helping you in the thread when you respond. This helps us not lose the thread among the others.

Following the steps above will help those of us moderating these threads to keep track of what's been reported, what still needs to be reported and what's been fixed. We know feedback is VERY important to all of you, and the best way for us to provide you that feedback is to keep bug reports clean, easily identifiable and as few duplicates as possible.

The next post contains the updated official list of known issues we are currently tracking.

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