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Starting a 3 man team.... Thoughts / ideas?!

So, my plan is to start a team up... Not neccesarily the best or strongest, but I'll see if it works :)

My protagonist will be a Cleric / Illusionist (actually not sure this was a bright idea ^^)

In BG1 I'll take Jaheira and Imoen... Jaheira for some "tanking" and Imoen as thief.

In BG2 I'll take Jaheira and Jan Jansen.

Might grab Imoen back when I can, but I'm not sure I can pass on the awesomeness that is Jan Jansen! :)

So... What's the thoughts? Doable or total no go? I'm not sure on weapons for Jaheira, will Belm / Gnasher last me long enough to make it to end of BG2 and maybe ToB?

What in BG1? I don't see many good clubs or Scimitars, but is Shillelagh / Flameblade good enough there?

Also, thoughts on other team members, as I'm not 100% sure on Jaheira yet... But I jsut love the Insect Swarm thingy:P


  • SilverstarSilverstar Member Posts: 2,192
    Is it doable? Oh yes, most definitely. You can solo the games as pretty much any class even. It's not neccessarily easy, but you can get through with virtually any party combination, given the effort.

    In BG you can get a Club +2 in Cloakwood from one of the druids that attacks you. Unless you have Faldorn with you in which case he'll just leave. An alternative could be buying the Quarterstaff +3 in Ulgoth's Beard maybe?

  • SpungiSpungi Member Posts: 216
    Ah didn't know about that Club :D That should serve me fine :P
    Yeah, I've completed the games numerous times before with Good / Evil / Mix ... you name it party! So I'm going to try something different :D

  • FaydarkFaydark Member Posts: 278
    edited December 2013
    I always take Jaheira, and generally here's what weapons I end up using (BG1:EE):

    If I've got her as a dps/offtank, then I stick with staves.
    - plain old club until
    - Staff +1 from Sendai until
    - Staff +3 from Ulgoth's Beard inn.
    - I seem to recall there was another staff I used between the +1 and +3, but it's been a while (years) since I've done this and I can't remember.
    - points into Two Handed Weapon

    If I'm using her has a tank, then:
    - start with plain club and a shield
    - in the area (AR5200) east of the gnoll fortress, she gets the club +1 from the guys harrassing the dryad
    - while leveling up, I put two points into daggers first, and then points into scimitars
    - once I have spare cash, and a proficiency point in daggers, I go with the dagger of venom from Thunderhammer Smithy. It's very good against just about everything and it's what I usually stick with for all of BG1:EE
    - daggers also lets her use Werebane +1, +4 vs lycanthropes for that one fight...
    - there are two Scimitar +2s in the EE, so you could use those if that's your thing.
    - she can alternate between dagger and sling as required, while still using the shield

    Anyway, that's my take on it.

  • nanonano Member Posts: 1,632
    Yeah, for BG2 Belm/Gnasher is fine but you might want to buy Blackblood instead, as it's +3. It's available in Trademeet as well. Once you're a bit stronger I'd go for Spectral Brand from Watcher's Keep, or Club of Detonation if you're feeling bold :)

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