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Tutu on BGII:EE / BGEE??


Not 100% sure but as I've understood, concerning the Tutu mod for BG1 and BG2, it causes the BG1 and BG2 to function as one game with a more coherent storyline. As opposed to BG Trilogy, which instead used the game mechanics of BG2 in BG1 but kept the vanilla game's story (much like the BGII:EE works now). I'm planning to play through the Baldur's Gate EE (1 & 2) but I'd like to do it in Tutu type of style (if I've understood that mod correctly).

To specify, I'd like the starting scene in BGII:EE where Imoen frees the PC to take into account factors such as if my partymembers are alive or not (if Minsc dies in BGEE/BG1, he should stay dead and not be in the prison), and choises and dialogues which took place in BG1/BGEE. Also their stats and development (dual-classes etc). I think this is what Tutu sort of did, right? I'd like this mod for the enchanced editions of the game and I've been looking everywhere, does it exist? Does the game already work this way or is it like the vanilla version of BGII? I've looked through the forums and google for hours without finding an answer, hopefully someone could help me.



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