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Dorn's ToB Quest Wont Finish

Hi all,


Just got through Lunia. I talked the scribe into removing names. And then I killed them anyway. Talked the dragons out of attacking, and killed the bunch of people blocking the exit.

Got back to the clearing, and had to try leave twice for it to fire, but nevermind.

Dorn did the dialogue about how we cheated the gods, and he did the special dialogue with the trees for his patron.

However, now that I'm done and out, the quest dialogue is still in my journal as an active quest.

Should this be?


  • Yeah, Dorn's and Hexxat's quests are both really notorious for leaving unfinished journal entries. If you made it out of Lunia and Dorn did his dialogue, you're done. :)
  • TygarusTygarus Member Posts: 7
    Thanks very much :)
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