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Set Strength to 18/00 for a period of time

GreenerGreener Member Posts: 401
Hey folks,

So this is a sub section of my samurai kit, I'm trying to create

"1st Level the samurai begins to learn the art of focusing his ki. By concentrating on his breathing and using a kiai, the samurai increases his strength score to 18/00 for one round. A samurai can focus his ki a number of times per day equal to his level"

I've been trying to accomplish this with "strength bonus (44)" effect either of the girdles of giant strength, unfortunately to

So far I've tried with no success to get this to work, I've tried copying the settings from gauntlets of ogre power as in theory they do the same thing, but for what ever reason I can't set a "Flat Value Modifier" in game

I can make the "Cumulative Modifier" work, I can add +1, or +2, or +4 to a characters strength but I can't simply set their stat to 18/00

Any ideas?



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