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[On the Path] Kinda-Comics-like, Journal, No Load, Hardcore RP, Bad Writting & Spelling Mistakes

OgaburanOgaburan Member Posts: 83
edited December 2013 in Challenges and Playthroughs

I dunno how many of you read my original play-through-comics about Nar-El the somewhat sociopathic Elf who met his death due to his hubris.

It was my first attempt of writing such a thing, and it became somewhat popular with my own friends.
So I was urged to write "MOAR", thus I introduce you to:


He is a goal driven kindhearted individual.
Since I didn't think Candelkeep would province a proper paladin education, and starting as a fighter is too power gaming in my book.
I decided to go with the - "he was chosen by the good gods" thus he has his pseudo-clerical abilities.
Yet he does not know he is a paladin until he "founds god" somehow.

Rulers are:
- Hardcore RP.
- No Reload, but I might break this rule if something really cheese will happen.
(With Nar I only reloaded when I ran with my 2lvl party into a lvl 9 bard with supper-gear, due to RP)

Chapter Index:
Chapter 1 - On my own
Chapter 2 - On odd jobs
Chapter 2 - On odd jobs
Chapter 2 - On odd jobs

This is my section where I show what happen to the other recruitable PC's:

Ajantis - Unmet
Alora - Unmet
Branwen - Unmet
Coran - Unmet
Dorn - Unmet
Dynaheir - Unmet
Edwin - Shooed with rocks by Neera.
Eldoth - Unmet
Faldorn - Unmet
Garrick - In Party.
Imoen - Safe in the Friendly Arm Inn.
Isra - Unmet
Jaheira - Guarding Imoen in the Friendly Arm Inn.
Kagain - Offer Refused.
Khalid - Guarding Imoen in the Friendly Arm Inn.
Kivan - Unmet
Minsc - In Party.
Montaron - Went separate ways after brief meeting.
Neera - In Party.
Quayle - Unmet
Rasaad - Killed by Krumm the woodcutter.
Safana - Unmet
Shar-Teel - Backed Down from Initial Challenge.
Skie - Unmet
Tiax - Left to his madness.
Valerie - In Party.
Viconia - Unmet
Xan - Unmet
Xzar - Went separate ways after brief meeting.
Yeslick - Unmet

Hope you like it, I dont usually do LG.
But it was a request...

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