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In Chapter 2 and it's Day 81...too much questing?

Hey guys,

Still plugging away at my first play through and questing like it's no bodies business (they just keep coming!! o.O). I have more than enough gold to go to chapter 3 and I'm just racking up magical items and experience until I feel like going to the next chapter. I just killed Firkraag and wielding this beautiful sword, Carsomyr and while I was reveling in my victory over this behemoth, it dawned on me: Am I getting too deep into the questing and side stuff to possibly mess something up for the actual story quest (i.e. Day count, killing someone important, etc.)?

It may be a silly question but one I felt like asking. Thanks guys! :)



  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,956
    Yea entering chapter 3 is fine. Don't worry about the day count either. Unless a quest/quest giver specifically says it has a time limit (and there are a few of them especially if they involve a joinable NPC) you are alright.

  • CoutelierCoutelier Member Posts: 1,249
    Np; for the actual story quest, you can go whenever you're ready. Take as much time plundering as you need. Very few other quests have an actual timer attached.

  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
    Based on the one playthrough of bg2 I have had, if you have killed firkraag, the you can beat SoA. The end may be hard, but I get him to the very end. That was vanilla though, and I've heated that the middle bit has been made harder.

  • HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
    Nah, you'll be fine. The game makes it hard to roleplay any character who cares much about Imoen, but if u can get past that inconvenience, then you won't miss anything by doing as much as you can in Chapter 2. In fact it will make u better prepared for the challenges to come.

    I think u can even visit Watcher's Keep in Chapter 2, although if u do that, u may over-gear ur party to the extent that the main game (Ch.3 to Ch.7) becomes too easy.

  • lothos1103lothos1103 Member Posts: 20
    Thanks for the responses, guys! I am playing on Normal so the difficulty on Firkraag may have been a bit curved since I hear most vets try and play with the "Core Rules". I tried him a couple of times with different strats and he owned me each time. Then I decided to give "Secret Word" a go and HOLY CRAP!! Everything he had on him vanished and most of my attacks went through. That and I had about 8 summoned monsters tanking him so he didn't concentrate so much on my party. Oh the gratification when he went down...I think I shouted a victory cry while. :P

    Looking forward to the rest of this awesome game. Thanks again, guys! :)

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