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Durlags Tower sub level 2. Bug or problem early on

Looking for a bit of help. I am a longtime veteran of the standard version and have played through multiple times. Picked up the EE for my IPad and it has been flawless and very enjoyable for the most part.

I just got down past the 4 warders and into sub level two. I absolutely cannot get the small hallway between the practice dummies and statue room to open. I know you are supposed to click the statues above and below the first carpet to manipulate the doors, but nothing is happening. The lower door did open. I have been through the lower bedroom, picked up and read all the books and grabbed the ward stones.

I tried sticking the ward stones into the practice dummies to skip right to the throne room (after identifying all) and that's not doing anything either. I am playing the latest version on a full sized iPad Air. Any help would be appreciated!


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