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Jaheira Romance Speech Loop (bug)

Hey guys,

I posted this in the bugs forums but thought I'd extend it out in case anyone else was aware and/or found a solution:

I'm currently romancing Jaheira and am to the point where she has done the Love Conversation that starts something along the lines of, " 'Ah, the dawning of our day, though it is very rarely that we match our sleep to the cycle of day ..." Thing is, I have heard her say this about umpteen hundred times. There was one time where I had to reload a previous save because she would initiate this conversation every 2-3 seconds and I could not stop the loop. Otherwise, she usually does it randomly and every so often.

I've tried to scrub through these forums and old forums but, I haven't found anything very specific as it seems this romance is the most bugged and there are a LOT of different issues/bugs with it. I'm not sure if this can be solved through the use of the CLUA commands but, if so, can someone please provide me with instructions on how to get past this? Thanks! :)



  • AramintaiAramintai Member Posts: 232
    edited January 2014
    Load the save in EE Keeper, go to Jaheira character's Affects tab and check the local variable - LOVETALK. Decrease the number by 1 or 2, just make sure it stays an odd number. Save. Load that modified save in the game and enter the following line in CLUAConsole to spawn the lovetalk right away after you sleep:
    Keep in mind that right after that talk Dermin will appear with his goons and try to kill you. So make sure you are in the area where he can spawn - in one of the Athkatla districts or better yet - outside of the De'Arnise keep.
    Also, you'd better not use any mods with the game - they can create as of yet unheard of bugs.
    In case of Jaheira however, there is one specific mod that I'm always using in vanilla BGII and have found to be working correctly with EE edition:
    It not only eliminates most of the bugs in that romance but also speeds up the time between talks a bit so that you can actually finish it before you finish the game. Just put the files in the Override folder.

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  • lothos1103lothos1103 Member Posts: 20
    Hmmm, I did the EE Keeper like you said but when I loaded that Console command, nothing happened. I tried a spawn item command to make sure it was working and the item was in my bags. So, it is working as advertised except for the Jaheira Romance command...unless something is supposed to happen later. Any thoughts?

  • AramintaiAramintai Member Posts: 232
    Did you sleep after you entered that line? This lovetalk occurs after sleep.

  • lothos1103lothos1103 Member Posts: 20
    Ah, that worked like a charm! Thanks for the help! :)

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