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Jaheira cannot weild Usuno's Blade (ninjato) +4

AnaximanderAnaximander Member Posts: 191
edited January 2014 in Not An Issue
Druids are proficient in Scimatar/Ninjato/Wakazashi? She can equip Belm for instance but Usuno's Blade +4 she cannot equip. It is red bordered signifying not equipable. The text description of the weapon lists fighter/druid multiclass as not able to equip this.

Is this some hair splitting technicality and intended, or a bug + a typo in the description? I do not recall bringing Jaheira to Watcher's Keep in the original bg2 so I cannot comment on the original content status.

Additional Note: I did look at a walkthrough that described most of the ninjato/wakazashi oriental style blades as not being usable by druids however it is said the Yamamoto +4 is in fact usable by Jaheira. I have not tested this myself but it is a bit confusing what is intended here.


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