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Weimer's Item upgrade mod

Has anyone gotten it working yet?

I have played with the BG2 Tweak pack and Sword Coast Stratagems installed without any problems, but I cannot get the Item upgrade to function. I am not completely sure what the " just needs an updated version of WeiDU" statement means.


  • StefanOStefanO Member Posts: 346
    edited January 2014
    I recently posted this in another discussion
    StefanO said:

    I tried "weinstall+mavericks MODNAME" on the command line. "weinstall+mavericks" calls "WeiDU" (not "weidu") for execution. Because OSX file names are kind of case sensitive, "WeiDU" wasn't found and "weinstall+mavericks MODNAME" failed.

    I renamed "weidu+mavericks" to "WeiDU" and after adding the working directory to the PATH shell variable via "PATH=$PATH:." the mod was successfully installed.

    I tested this with the "itemupgrade" mod. Everything worked fine.

    If your aren't familiar with the OSX command line the "easy mod installer" is perhaps the tool of choice.

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