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Is there romance with respect to Rasaad in the first game?

On my current run, Rasaad initiated a discussion where he seemed to be trying, in his typically awkward way, to pay my character a compliment that I do not remember having encountered before during previous runs. It kind of reminded my of the romance in the second game. My question is, is there romance for Rasaad in the first game, or was this just friendly talk?


  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
    There are 3 'romance' talks for Rasaad in BG:EE for eligible characters, yep.

  • TwaniTwani Member Posts: 640
    It's sort of like a pre-romance. Dorn and Neera will do it too. There are three dialogs for each of them that I think take place after your quests. Rasaad very awkwardly tries to compliment you and keep up with you teasing him, Neera seems like she's trying to get you to compliment her (and checking you out to see if you're entertaining enough for her), and Dorn seems to be trying to communicate that you and him are the bestest team in teh WORLD and totally belong together in slaughter. All three of them, even the Dorn ones, are surprisingly cute.

  • SylphSylph Member Posts: 210
    edited January 2014
    Rasaad has an alignment restriction for the BG1 romance talks (any good), but there isn't any alignment restriction for him in BG2. So if you previously played through with an evil or neutral female character, you would not have gotten any romance talks in BG1 while still getting them in BG2 :)

  • victory_rosevictory_rose Member Posts: 72
    Ah, that would explain it - in previous runs through BG1 (various mage combinations), I've been doing the chaotic neutral alignment (for the familiar), so would naturally not have encountered this before. Thanks.

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