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Latest On Custom Sound Sets?

I have installed WORKING custom sound sets by replacing/renaming a default male sound set: Male1a > Male1m. The sounds work, but I get the dialogue strings from the default set that doesn't match what my custom set is saying.

If I rename the custom sound set anything else (e.g. Male7a > Male7m) I can hear it at character creation, but nothing whatsoever in the game.

I have tried creating a sound folder under documents/Baldurs Gate EE and under the install directory in the C Drive, with the soundset in both folders at the same time and only in each folder at its respective location; with the same result.

If anyone has got a custom soundset working without messing about with a mod application, can they please advise, thanks.


  • TheGraveDiggerTheGraveDigger Member Posts: 336
    They have to be named in the CHARSND.2da to work properly. But you don't need to edit it, since there's already 10 blank soundsets available, named Custom0 to Custom9.

    So rename a full soundset to Custom0 and it should work.

    I placed mine into ...\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition\lang\en_US\sounds

  • ChippyChippy Member Posts: 241
    Thanks for the reply - it works as you described. It seems that XXXXXXXa.wav: Battle Cry doesn't play though, and plays XXXXXXXk.wav:Action Acknowledgement 3 instead (which plays as intended).

    I was just about to start BGEE for the first time since release as I thought all the bugs were ironed out - I might as well shelve it all for another year though.

  • GloomfrostGloomfrost Member Posts: 256
    thanks TheGraveDigger i wish i had found your post 4 hours ago instead of reading General BGEE Customization and it's out of date material.

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