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Neera questline ToB - Is this a bug? (spoilers)

avl0avl0 Member Posts: 5
edited January 2014 in Not An Issue
Ok so this may very well not be a bug and everything may be fine but I wanted to find out before I saved over and have to re do a bunch of hours of gameplay.

I'm doing neeras questline in throne of bhaal, im also romancing her. She got the bird when a left saradush and we went to the clearing where she cast reckless dweomer (this bugged a few times and didnt work before i got it) we had the fight with the red wizards and my party got teleported to the gladiator arena, fought that battle and won at which point the announcer says 'can the fighters now proceed to the staging area immediately' or something to that effect, except... I cant go anywhere, there's no way out of the arena and noone to initiate dialogue with. So i pocket plane out and back to outside of saradush figuring neera will initiate dialogue about tracking down the red wizard leader for the next part of the quest but after trying to force it (resting several days, getting in fights, standing around) she hasn't said anything about it.

Now it could be that its all ok and the quest will pick up again later, but im worried that something bugged in the arena fight and that ill miss out on the quest if i just keep playing.

Can anyone clarify? I wouldnt even have considered it being a bug if i hadnt had so much trouble getting the initial clearing fight to work in the first place.


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