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BG:EE Cross-platform multiplayer doesn't work due to version mismatch

My apologies if I've put this thread in the wrong place. This problem seems to have more to do with the Mac version of Baldur's Gate: EE than anything else. I've searched the forum and all relevant threads appear to be at least a month old, so thought I'd post a bug report.

Two days ago, I purchsed BG:EE for iPad from the iOS App Store and BG:EE for the Mac from Beamdog. I'm attempting to get the Mac to host a multiplayer game through a direct TCP/IP connection. The iPad connects to the Mac without a problem, then the session ends with the following error message:

The multiplayer session has been terminated. The program version numbers for the server and client programs do not match. Server program version: v1.2.2000 Client program version: v1.2.2031.

I've waited quite a while to buy this game, and I was under the impression that cross-platform multiplayer basically worked now. Is this not the case?

Also, why is the version of BG:EE on the Mac App Store numbered 1.2.2029? Leaving out the fact that the version number would still differ from that on the iPad, shouldn't I have the latest version of the game if I just bought it directly from the publisher?


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