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[DUPE - #7414] - Hexxat in TOB appears even if you did not *free* her in SOA

SerpionSerpion Member Posts: 67
edited January 2014 in Not An Issue
I didn't complete Dragomir tomb quest in SOA (just wanted to let Clara alive :) ).
But I meet Hexxat in Amkhetran, and she greeting me as old friend.

Probably it some kind of minor bug :)

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  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    Of course the assumption could also be that if Clara didn't find you to help her she might have found some other buff hero
    to lead her to her death

    The greeting from Hexxat in Amkhetran however might very well be something that needs changed. Just don't know how far into this we want to get.

    @LiamEsler: Sorry to keep summoning you like this. @Serpion has a point about not freeing Hexxat in SoA and yet meeting her in ToB. Is there a possibility of setting a flag when you complete Hexxat's quest that would carry forward into ToB? Something then that would change Hexxat's opening dialog from "Hey, I know you" to "I'm here to help you stranger".

    Of course if her lines are all voiced then we're talking having to add voice to any change to Hexxat's dialog as well (assumably)...which is why I'm looking to you for how far down the rabbit hole do we get with this.

  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,858
    @Illydth I think those lines are voiced, but I'm not entirely sure. I think, annoying as it is, let's leave it for the moment.

  • elementelement Member Posts: 833
    edited January 2014
    yes I experienced the same thing its pretty annoying when u deliberately try to avoid hexxat in soa only to have her show up and talk like she knows u
    its not a huge seal tho

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    edited January 2014
    @element, @Serpion: So: after a quick conversation with @LiamEsler and @Jalily I find that we do, in fact, want to do something with this!

    Moving this back out of Not an Issue and I believe we already have a bug report filed for this (7414) which I'll tag this with if we don't already have a thread on it.

    Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the bug report!

    LOL Now this one is a Dupe of the one I already have in the Consolidated Bug Report List. I'm doing well today: I close the issue as not a bug when I've already called it a bug AND OPENED THE TICKET MYSELF. Yep, Me=Genius. :)

    I am closing this thread back to "Not an Issue" as a dupe of the already opened thread for 7414.

    Please consolidate further discussion to the above linked thread.

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