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Aran Linvail stuck at beginning of chap 3

when finishing discussion with Aran Linvail and receiving quest, the "continue" button is gray and I cannot do any other action.
have tried restarting and different char and making sure room in my inventory.
Somebody help me! :)


  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,145
    Sounds strange, I'll try to reach that part in my iPad to see what happens.
    Could you upload a screenshot of how it looks? iPad can upload images by using the "Attach a file" button, and I know asking for a save game is just too much, but if you want to upload a saved game it will help much more.
    @Illdyth: please move this to BG2:EE bugs and add a little iPad tag in the title, I don't know who said that is what should be done (I think you were the one that said so...).

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