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LF Good Advice for 4 Warders Battle

This is my first time going through Durlag's Tower, I haven't had any major problems up until this point where the four Warders must be fought. The party I have for this is:

PC Illusionist/Thief (Lvl 5/6) - Protector of the Dryads +2 (Shortbow)
Ajantis (Lvl 6) -Kondar +1 (Bastard Sword) + Shield
Minsc (Lvl 6) - Spiders Bane +2 (Two Handed Sword)
Rasaad (Lvl 7) - Dual Wielded Rashad's Talon +2 (Scimitars)
Branwen (Lvl 7) - Ashideena +2 (Warhammer) + Shield
Dynaheir (Lvl 7) - Sling of Unerring Accuracy

I have a healthy stock of all kinds of ammo, Wands of Fear, Heavens, Fire, Monster Summoning, Paralysis, Magic Missiles, Lightning, and Frost, and a large assortment of potions I've mostly just hoarded up to this point.

Prior to battle I've been casting Chant/Bless/Protection from Evil 10" Radius/Defensive Harmony and keeping Zone of Sweet Air at the ready, but I keep getting unnacceptable losses.

Any tactical advice for this battle with this group make up would help. Both arcane casters have a significant number of spells available, Dynaheir mostly offensive, and PC mostly support.


  • iAmGoatBoyiAmGoatBoy Member Posts: 72
    Hmmm, not a bad group... only thing I can suggest is using monster summoning wands/spells to tank as many enemies as possible while you focus all your attacks on one or two. Pre-summoning a few where the enemies spawn to slow them down, then immediately summoning more when their initial spells take them out should buy you enough time to pick of the most dangerous foes, then the remainder are relatively benign.

  • JLeeJLee Member Posts: 648
    Last time I went through, iirc, cast haste, spam webs, slow, blindness spells. Then send in Minsc w/ spider's bane or pick them off with ranged and skulltraps/fireballs.

  • elementelement Member Posts: 833
    have u levelled up traps at all? if I remember correctly they can be used to good effect here

  • Aozgolo108Aozgolo108 Member Posts: 77
    Hmmm, seems as soon as I made this I had better luck. I moved my whole party to the bottom left side of the room, prepped up my priest cocktail, summoned some beasties, and then used my boots of speed guy to initiate the encounter and run back. I proceeded to whack three of them with dual fireball spam, kept the summoned beasties spread out to create a buffer, quickly used zone of sweet air to dispell the death cloud, then just managed to mop them up fairly easily without much fuss.

    Strange how things work right after you complain to others of how difficult they are.

    Those Greater Wyverns on the third level though... oooh boy good thing I had those expendable summoned guys to get eaten by the first two, that last one was still a bit of a struggle though.

  • CorvinoCorvino Member Posts: 2,269
    Branwen should be able to summon you some fairly nasty skeleton warriors at level 7. They've got a bit of damage and magic resistance as well as magic weapons. While they're not as plentiful as wand of monster summoning summons they stick around for ages and are tough.

    Also, you made no mention of haste in your original post. It may not seem as potent as the flat +hit & +AC buffs of cleric spells but it does give your melee and summons an extra attack, as well as allowing them to close the gap quicker.

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