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Aerie multiclass Mage/Cleric grayed out high level abilities

VyllVyll Member Posts: 1
Hey there!

I hope this category is suiting for my problem.
The thing is, I'm playing Baldur's Gate II - Shadow of Amn EE, soon to engage the last encounter, and i managed to get Aerie to Intelligence 18 (+1 through deck of many things and +1 through the machine of lum the mad) so that she is able to cast lvl 9 spells.
Unfortunately, and i don't know if it's a bug or just a feature i don't understand (maybe i'm doing something wrong here? :S), but she is lvl 16 cleric lvl 14 mage right now and able to level up mage to 15. So she gains a new high level ability, but i can only select the ones for cleric, all the lvl 10 mage spells are grayed out. The only ones i can select are the +1 spell slot on lvl 6/7/8 - why is that? Been like this for the last few level ups, so i choose some cleric ones.. but it's really bugging me now : /

The only thing i'm hoping for is the fact that she is not able to cast lvl 9 spells up to now, got only one lvl 7 spell slot, probably because she has only 14 levels in mage. Maybe i'm able to select the lvl 10 ones as soon as she can also cast them? But it seems kind of weird, because i can already learn lvl 9 spells through scrolls.

Attached the screenshot of the ability selection...


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