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Will music still be in .acm and .mus formats?

MosesHallMosesHall Member Posts: 28
edited August 2012 in Mac OS X (Archive)
Just wondering about the formats, and where the files will live -- I assume inside the application bundle.

I maintain the open source ACMPlayer (Google it if you're interested) for Mac and am wondering if my software will work OK with the Enhanced Edition.



  • WardWard Member Posts: 1,305
    edited August 2012
    Hello Moses, welcome to our Baldur's Gate forum community.

    If you've developed software which plays ACM files then I'll be very happy because there's some files I want to access, thanks for letting me know!

    Yes, I think it's a good bet none of the file extensions will be changed. If they are then you can bet they won't be outdated and hard to run like any those ACMs.

  • MosesHallMosesHall Member Posts: 28
    Thanks, Ward. The link to the GitHub repo is (hopefully the forum won't despam the URL). There is a downloadable binary there too, but it looks to be a bit out of date. If you want a copy of the latest version and don't have the infrastructure to clone and compile, just let me know. I just fixed a bug that affected playing time display, so looks like I have some new commits and a new binary to get in place this weekend if possible.

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