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The tales of ElDelBar, a fighter/mage on a no reload run of BG1+BG2+ToB. Very short run.

MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
1st Myrtul 1368 hour 18

About to get ready to leave with father. Crazy day, I still don´t believe what has happened, I don´t think it can get worse than this. I am being expelled from Candlekeep!

Father wanted us to leave the castle. He seemed worried about something. I went around buying some supplies and saying goodbye to all the friendly faces, minding my own business. Then, I was attacked by not one. Not two. THREE people trying to kill me! And before I had even had breakfast!

First two were obviously shady. Once they confirmed who I was, they attacked me. Luckily I had already geared up and they were no match for my battle skills. I should probably not say this but it was impressive. Most impressive. Father has tought me well. I controlled my fear and released my anger. Hmmm... Someone wants me dead, which is what might be worrying father. Why do they want me dead? No idea. It is not like I have ever done anything to anyone!

Anyway, they were not very dangerous. Real problem came with the third assasin. I was just recovering some potions for Pilus, the Oghma priest when a guard came and shouted I was stealing! WTF? I tried to reason with him but he just lurched forward and attacked me. I run out of the carehouse asking for help but he followed. Nobody dared to do anything as he was dressed as a guard. "Not even your father can save you from this" he shouted or something like that. With all the excitement I cannot remember precisely. Seeing he would not stop attacking, I made him sleep with a spell and ended his life, thinking he was just a more cunning assassin and certainly more skilled, judging by his attacks. Guess what? He was a real guard named Cletus. Not the smartest kid in the block as they said, but legit.

Everyone has got absolutely crazy about this. As there are no witnesses of my "theft" and he attacked first, I have not been put to death. However, my exhibition out in the open has attracted too much attention and me and father have been expelled from Candlekeep because some half-witted guard thought I was stealing. Me? Eldelbar? Stealing? Imoen, I can understand. But me? I am an arcane warrior!! I would cry if I wasn´t so angry

Worse part is father does not want to speak to me. He is really angry. He says he believes me but has a look on his face as if something he has feared all along is starting to happen. Anyway, we will have time on the road to get on good terms again. It hasn´t been my fault anyway.

By the way, diary, first three people I have killed in my life. It feels... weird. It was self defense, but still a lot to take on. Hope I don´t have to kill more people.

2nd Myrtul 1368 Hour 7

I don´t even know if I want to write here anymore. Father is dead. Some huge warrior with a band of mercenaries killed him in front of Candlekeep. The only thing I could do was run like a chicken while they slaughtered him. Father managed to kill everyone except the big warrior. He was looking for me and father gave his life so I could hide. They don´t let me come back to Candlekeep but have agreed to bury father. Now I need to go to the Friendly Arm inn and find some friends of father that will keep me safe. That´s what father said we were going just before the ambush. Why would the Gods be so cruel? We were still angry at each other! I didnt have the time to tell him I was sorry. And that I love him. What am I gonna do now? Just need to keep going.

2nd Myrtul 1368 Hour 15

Imoen has joined me, by the way. She just escaped Candlekeep. Think she has a crush on me. Good kid, anyway. She also cried when she heard about father. It is easier to travel with her, it feels very frightening to go alone with that warrior somewhere nearby. We met a couple of morons on the road, a halfling and some human. They wanted us to go to Nashkel. Where the hell is that? Told them we were going to the Inn and they were welcome to join but they insulted us and left. Good riddance. They would probably try to kill me too. That seems to be the general feeling of every single being in Faerun. Just after breakfast a wolf came to the road and attacked us. I got a nasty bite in the leg that might have infected. By chance I had a healing potion and that cured the worst of it. I have a nasty scar, though.

2nd Myrtul 1368 Hour 23

What is wrong with the world?? Going North, I was ambushed by 7 or 8 bandits! No questions asked. No money requested. They just shooted to kill and hit me in the shoulder. Imoen and I run as fast as we could and went behind some bushes. We managed to lose them, although we are totally scared now. It is like the world conspires to kill us. We have made a last stop as Imoen could not walk any longer. We will sleep here and reach the Inn in the morning. I really hope father friends can keep us safe. One thing is to train in Candlekeep and another having docens of people trying to actively kill me. It seems a life ago when I was in Candlekeep laughing with father and learning about the world. Father... Why have you left me? I cannot make it without you.

3 Myrul 1368 Hour 9 Jaheira´s diary

We run outside when we heard the battle noises but it was too late. Gorion´s ward laid on the floor, We made quick work of the mercenary wizard but to no avail. Nothing could be done for ElDelBar. A kid that could not stop crying, named Imoen has told us Gorion is also dead. We must inform the harpers inmediately. This was not supposed to happen.


Anyway, it was fun while it lasted. I reloaded and killed that wizard guy without problems second time around. He didn´t have time to cast his magic missiles. Unlucky the real time, I guess.

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