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New NPC Mod Opinions

KestralKestral Member Posts: 7
I've decided to try my hand at doing some npc mods for Baldur's gate/EE/2. I was wondering what sort of characters would be want to play with? Right now I'm finishing up the writing/dialog for my first one. I do have to say that modding for BG is far different (but easier in a weird way) than modding for Skyrim or other similar games. No retexturing to worry about! Most of them probably won't have a romance track as they are inspired by past characters I've roleplayed as. At least personality wise. Plus I'm terrible at writing romance that isn't some sort of crack pairing or cheesy smut.

Here's the NPCs I was thinking of doing:

Faeryl - Tiefling Berserker Kit Fighter (she's mostly written, just needs to be coded)

Jillian - Affably Evil Cheerful Human Necromancer

Female Dwarf - Dwarven Defender or Barbarian or Cleric - Lawful Evil, mostly I just want to have a female dwarf that's done in a commisar style.

Human - Paladin of Kelemvor

I'd love some opinions/suggestions on npc types people would to see. Class/Kit suggestions are great too! The game needs more evil party members anyway.


  • karnor00karnor00 Member Posts: 679
    Certainly the game could use some more evil party members. And I always like to see some new classes/kits. So for that reason I'd be less interested in a berserker fighter given that we already have Korgan (and kinda Minsc).

    So Jillian the Necromancer and the female Dwarven Defender or Barbarian would be my favourite choices. Paladin could work too - maybe an undead slayer or cavalier.

    Maybe even an already dualled character (i.e. like Anomen but less annoying!). Fighter 7 > Thief perhaps?

  • MivsanMivsan Member Posts: 139
    I think you might enjoy reading through these threads:

    There's a lot of good ideas and opinions of what people prefer in mod NPCs. The general thing seems to be:
    - they must fit in the world and CHARNAME's adventure
    - would be welcome if they were an underrepresented class/race
    - realistic, balanced stats
    - special abilities/items adding flavour
    - not overly, super-duper unique snowflake that takes over the game/story

    I think your female Dwarf could fit in a lot of those. First of all, she's a female Dwarf! Good start. Next, she might be a Barbarian or Dwarven Defender - classes that are not present in the game normally. And she's Evil, though with the Enhanced Edition of BG2 there's not that much of a shortage of Evil NPCs.

  • KestralKestral Member Posts: 7
    I'm not too fond of Dorn or Hexxat to be honest. Dorn just isn't the fun kind of evil. It's like, I guess he's trying too hard? Though I was thinking of having the dwarf be involved with killing those mindflayers. And no romance - but maybe some sort of mentor-y friendship. Whether the pc really wants the advice or not.

  • SwordsNotWordsSwordsNotWords Member Posts: 147
    I like the Paladin of Kelemvor Undead Hunter Kit idea.

  • KestralKestral Member Posts: 7
    The paladin was inspired by one in the PnP I played who had a dex of 4. He got sent out to do paladin "things" by the high priest of the temple. Apparently they got tired of him tripping into crap and breaking it. Like said priest's face. It also happened to be with a DM that wanted us to roll for our races. If I remember correctly he was something similar like a half drow or something. Definitely some sort of half elf. He was genuinely a nice guy, he just happened to be the most graceless half elf in all of existence. You can bet that DM enjoyed the random, "roll to see if your klutz breaks something." rolls he had me make.

    Anyway for the female dwarf I was thinking a lawful neutral (after reading the 2nd complete book of dwarves) dwarven defender who happened to be a hearth guard. Since dwarves hate mindflayers and I don't think there's anything quest-wise to do with the mindflayers in the sewers, she'd be part of that. Like they kidnapped her brother or something. Or she just really hates mindflayers, heard the rumors about them and decided they most definitely needed an extra helping of iron in their diet. Though I was tempted to have her start out in BG:EE.

    Since dwarves tend to be distrustful of other races she'll probably introduce herself as Elisif of the Dwarves (a subtle stealth insult to non-dwarves). You can form a mentor/big sister relationship with her and learn more about dwarves from her. She's also distrustful of elves and mages. I'll admit I was inspired a bit by Dragon Age templars on the mage bit. But really, it seems like a reasonable belief after seeing the sort of havoc a mage can cause.

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