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Artin Twohammers LG Dwarven Fighter/Cleric (Canon Party) *Spoilers*

I'm starting a play through with my dwarven fighter/ceric Artin Twohammers. I recently picked up a legal pad so I can note interesting things that happen to her throughout her travels in BGEE and BG2EE.

Please note: She will primarily use canon party members throughout both games. Except for when noted, her party will end up consisting of Imoen (Dualed at 7 *grumbles*), Jaheria, Khalid, Minsc and Dynaheir for BGEE while in BG2EE her party will be Jaheria, Minsc, Yoshimo/Imoen, Aerie and Haer'dalis. I have not yet decided whether I will run Mr. ToB come that point in time.

At some point in BGEE I will do all the EE content for Dorn, Rasaad and Neera just to get the additional items (and experience). The same will apply in BG2EE (as well as most other NPCs for their personal quests)**

Away we go:

Name: Artin Twohammers
Race: Dwarf
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Fighter/Cleric (of Moradin and Clanggedin)
Initial Weapon Proficiency: Warhammer ++, Flail ++
Stats: Str 18/89, Dex 17, Con 19, Int 10, Wis 18, Cha 8 (she sucks at lying and is wise enough to know it).

You've lived in Gorion with Candlekeep for so long that you find it hard to remember anything before at this point. You occasionally have brief thoughts of Mithral Hall, and you've always done your best to soak up any stories about it and its champions. In fact you can name them all by heart: Bruenor, the Eighth King of Mithral Hall; Wulfgar and Catti-Brie, his adopted son and daughter and both respected warriors in their own right; Drizzt Do'Urden, his close friend and deadly dual-wielding drow elf companion; and Regis his favorite halfling thief. You wake up every day with the wish, that should word of your exploits ever reach Mithral Hall, they will be proud that you originally hail from there.

You cannot forget about your adopted father Gorion, who has raised you as his own for as long as you can remember. He often used to read stories to you about Mithral Hall when you were younger, and has tried to keep you updated with their exploits as you've grown up. Furthermore, he's done his best to instruct you about the dwarven pantheon, instead of just the human one. He is a wise mage and you often feel indebted to him for all the knowledge he's had time to impart on you as you've grown up. Between Gorion and Reevor, the only other dwarf in Candlekeep, you've become well acquainted with Moradin and Clanggedin, and know that they are your patrons. You are a novice, but practicing cleric, in their name, hoping to bring honor to them and the dwarven cause.

But that is not the only dwarven thing that Reevor taught you. On top of your basics in dwarven faith, Reever also instructed you in the combat of the Warhammer, one of the favored weapons of the dwarven people. While you often have dreamt of dual wielding, in honor of Clanggedin, Reevor first insisted that you learn to properly learn to use a shield and train in another weapon of your choice. "Oi, you, while dual-wielding is flashy and all, I can't count the number of times sturdy shield has saved me hide."

To that end you've not only learned the basics of using a shield, but you've also learned how to properly use a flail in combat. While it was difficult at first, much to the delight of various onlookers when you'd train first thing in the morning, you feel as comfortable with a flail as you do with a warhammer at this point.

And with that, our journey begins.

Minor Notes:
There will be no pick-pocketing (so no extra ring of free action or charisma cloak) and no breaking into random houses and chests (no stupifier =/) for loot. If it is a named house, I will go into it, (I fully intend on the cloak and helm of balduran for example). Or if I know there is a quest in there. I cannot however, "loot the room" as it were.

Furthermore, this run will be done with no mods and on insane difficulty.

Lastly, I have 3 legal pads and this is one of three characters I will be running (all on separate saves). I will be linking them here when I start them (the threads and that's it) if you'd like to follow with them as well. One of them is re-doing my evil blade play through with knowledge that I've gained, and the other will be an evil Elven Fighter/Mage with what I consider the "evil canon" party. Part of the reason for those 2 is discovering the difference in the 2 parties and also getting a good idea of the difference between a fighter/mage versus a blade =).

With that, before I roll those up lets get out of Candlekeep:


Firebead is an old friend of Gorion's and apparently is waiting on an identify scroll. I was sure to bring it back quickly. Maybe one day I'll need one!

Fuller was also missing some bolts today. No I'm not saying he was missing anything upstairs, actually maybe he was. He was a bit ruder than usual and its rare that he's ever out of stock of anything.

Hull forgot his longsword for work today, I told him he shouldn't have gotten into that drinking contest with me last night. Oh well, the least I could do after drinking him under the table was bring him his sword. At least he let me know that Drexal needed an antidote for his cow. She's already starting to look better.

Phydia forgot her book of spells again. I think Imoen was right when she said that old Phydia is kinda buffleheaded. Brilliant mage from what I hear, but she misplaces her spellbook more often than old Hull thinks he can best me in a drinking contest.

Speaking of Imoen, she knows more than she's letting on. I think she's been snooping around again, but she doesn't like me coming along anymore. She knows I cave to the truth under pressure.

Finally I left Candlekeep with Da.........did I just call him that. Well he might as well be. Anyway, with a Warhammer, Flail and Shield in hand, and fresh chainmail on my back I'm ready to face the world. I am a little worried though, I had 2 people specifically looking for me and trying to kill me inside Candlekeep. Sure I could get a little annoying, but why would anyone here want to kill me. I've learned to just keep to myself with my dwarven beliefs.

What's more, this scary armored guy, showed up and wanted Dad to hand me over to him. But he refused, thank god, Gorion had the same idea about him as I did. Gorion told me to run not long after I got hit by the first arrow. The battle seemed to be going well as I ran away, I could see the flashes of Dad's masterful magic through the night sky, but even I heard his final scream. Thankfully Imoen arrived the next morning. Now we look towards the road ahead. I think our first plan should probably be to meet up with Dad's friends at the Friendly Arm Inn.

Warhammer, Flail, Large Shield, Chain Mail (Best I Could afford, and I literally have 0 gold atm).

Short bow, 40 arrows, Wand of Magic Missiles.

Please note that I'm still trying to get into my dwarf's character. She will likely become sarcastic as I progress further on. I do like her idealistic, if naive, outlook for now, and her referring to Gorion as dad. We'll see how long that lasts.



  • DragonspearDragonspear Member Posts: 1,835
    edited January 2014
    Update: Yes I started her but chances are I will restart her, and EEKeepering her into a Cleric of Helm instead. IIRC I have her down in Beregost. The problem is I'm bound and determined to finish my Wizard Slayer and possibly blade playthroughs as they are both in BG2 atm.

    Also if I restart, should I:

    Stick with my Current Plan
    Start with Maces and Flails, putting 2 points into TWF by level 6 and not getting warhammers until SoA
    Start with 1 weapon type and Dual-Wield, then getting the next 2 (if so which weapon should I go first

    Ok easier way, should I go:
    1 weapon type and dual wield at the start
    2 weapon types and use a shield until the end of BGEE,
    3 weapon types I'm going to use throughout the saga (Maces, Hammers, Flails) and wait to get TWF until SoA.

    Or just play a ranger/cleric, eat the loss in saves, and trollolol having all 3 weapon types I need by the end of BGEE.

  • WanderonWanderon Member Posts: 1,418
    I'm a big fan of ranger cleric myself and if that allows you to outfit your character as you'd like as early as you'd like then why not!

  • ElrandirElrandir Member Posts: 1,652
    edited March 2014
    Cleric/Ranger is awesome, but I like the Fighter/Cleric thing you have going. I know I'm a bit late to the party, but this is one of the better beginnings I've seen on the forums and I'd love to see it continue. I say sword and board your way through BG1 and start really doing the damage in BG2. Also, while this isn't important, you forgot the dwarf who is in the tutorial fight in Candlekeep. He's also one of the two people who joins you in the catacombs. So there are three dwarves in Candlekeep. (including you)

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,287
    edited March 2014
    @Dragonspear, looks really good, but I suppose that you've abandoned this game in favour of Lady Arveene?
    @Elrandir: Arkanis the dwarf

    I used to like cleric/ranger a lot as well, was the first multiclass I played. Nowadays I would only roleplay a specific cleric though (Mielikki, Silvanus, maybe Corellan). In this case I agree with Elrandir, the dwarven fighteer/cleric with the backstory you wrote for him is fine.

  • DragonspearDragonspear Member Posts: 1,835
    The run still exists, I just haven't had much time for BG with my other endeavors. I expect Arveene will be quite similar to this as I'll be playing myself.

    Atm debating if I wanna give myself the fire abilities via special abilities or try to put them into the spellbook (burning hands, aganazzar's scorcher, fireball and flamestrike)

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,287
    Hmm I have no idea if/how you could place mage spells into your priest scrollbook. Special abilities seems the easier route.

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