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Help! Need support for Mac on CreateItem


I misplaced an item and need to use the CLUAConsole to create a new one on my macbook air OSX 10.8. I think I correctly edited the .ini file since I can hit control-space and bring up the console. However, when I type C:CreateItem("STAF11",1) it does not create the correct item. It just says "lua not a function" and "active stack:". Can someone help as to what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance - btw I'm not very computer savvy so please keep answers simple if possible.


  • QbertQbert Member Posts: 193
    edited February 2014
    that message seems to indicate a syntax error.

    what item are you trying to create? if it is staff of striking try staf05 instead. i saw both listed on different sites as the correct item code so staf11 may be wrong. if that doesn't work try taking out the ,1) at the end. it should default to creating only one of the indicated items if no quantity is specified.

    Like so:


    then try both 05 and 11 again while fully spelling out clua console rather than just putting C: like so:


    Hopefully one of those solutions helps you out.

    EDIT: i think you are looking for staff of the magi after some more looking around, which does correspond to staf11. Try to create another staff and see if that works and if so, perhaps you can't create the staff of the magi in bgee only in bg2ee.

    I've never tried to do so in either.

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  • Lefi22Lefi22 Member Posts: 2
    That did the trick! I was indeed trying to make a staff of the magi, in bg2 ee...I must have dropped it when receiving another item and missed it somehow. Anyway this is a huge help for not making me go back and re-do half the game again, thank you!!

  • QbertQbert Member Posts: 193
    you're welcome, but which suggestion did the trick?

  • LookToWindwardLookToWindward Member Posts: 75
    edited March 2014
    The message "lua not a function" and "active stack:" means that it didn't recognise the command, e.g. it's a typeo in the text of the command itself.

    If the item doesn't exist in the current game, then it gives a message to that effect, e.g.

    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xxxxx") or C:CreateItem("xxxxx")
    Error file xxxxx does not exist

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