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Black Pits 2 - game stuck after last battle

In the last batte against the Winged one and company my sorcerer first imprisoned Bannor (The Golem) and then my party killed the rest, saving the Winged one for last. At this point the game should end, but it did not. I assume that the reason for this is because Bannor was not killed. If you do not have a freedom scroll or spell (as was in my case) there is no way you can finish the game.
I was able to finish the game if I killed Bannor and did not imprison him. I am playing the iPad version of the game.


  • Charmander27Charmander27 Member Posts: 7
    I am having a similar problem, however I am not using any imprison spells.

    I defeat all of the orcs in the first battle (yes, I'm only on the first battle in BP2) and nothing happens. I lose sight of my character (Running solo, not party) and there's nothing else. I never use imprison spells, killing them only with melee attacks and fireball spells.

  • SolaerieSolaerie Member Posts: 1
    Same problem here ! But running multiplayers

  • LeonLeon Member Posts: 83
    hate this bug, had great play in bp2 till i imprisoned Bannor and then searched the web for shadow keeper to get FREEDOM because i got tired of BUGS. For example why i cant use the scroll of Bannor ? why the winged has limitless spikes? why so many side quests are broken? I didnt use Imprission in all of mine bg games but i was so frustrated after 7 tries i just edited my sorcerer with Freedom scroll- so i can free Bannor later on.. Guide for BP2 or walkthough would b great. As well as fixing those bugs..

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