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jobbyjobby Member Posts: 181
Apologies if this has already been discussed in great detail however I would like to know if the TOB storyline has/could be fleshed out to correct the discrepancies between it and BG1. I understand that altercations to the existing storyline are not possible due to b/s copyright laws ect, but does this extend to adding additional quests/dialogues that justify/explain the motivations of existing characters?

My main gripe being that of the PCs mother, who according to Gorions' letter was a good friend/lover of his who was raped by the lord of murder and died in childbirth. The TOB plot seems to disregard this bombshell posthumous letter you acquire in BG1 and proclaims your mother as a willing priestess of Bhall who is "honored" apparently. This has always pissed me off royally as I despise plot holes/discrepancies (especially within the greatest cRPG series ever made, which more than deserves a satisfying conclusion without nonsensical "Lost" (make-it-up-as-we-go-along) bull****.

There are potentially a number of weak explanations that i can come up with for this discrepancy however they require IN GAME explanation otherwise they are merely a lame attempt to cover-up the obvious lack of proof-reading , for example:

- You encounter an important Harper who explains that Gorion was tasked with infiltrating the Church of Bhall, during which he befriends your mother and refrains from telling you the dark truth of her nature in his letter to........ save your tender feelings????

- Your mother's apparition in TOB was merely an illusion created by Melissan in order to drive you towards fulfilling her interpretations of Alaundos' prophecies (eliminating the remaining Bhallspawn in order for her to be reincarnated as the God of murder). Despite the fact you would of done that anyway cuz they're shady gits that need whacked.

I realise that TOB was initially going to be BG3 and was shortened to be a very poor, inconsistent expansion due to publisher constraints (sorry TOB lovers, shoot me.) I do have a great respect for all of those involved in the series but I truly hope that the shoddy finale can somehow be remediated into an ending befitting the universally accepted "Greatest cRPG of all time".

p.s. Again, apologies if this has come across as overly aggressive I do not intend to offend anyone, if anything I have toned down my feelings about TOB within this post lol.


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