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Changing Character Portraits (not the protagonist)

I've been learning how to change my character portrait in BGEE II. I'm having so much fun scouring the internet and archives here looking for cool custom portraits.

I've been wondering...can you change a character portrait for others on your team? For example, can I change Jaheria's portrait after she joins my party? I'd really like to do this and if anyone knows how, please share your wisdom. Thanks in advance.


  • SojournerSojourner Member Posts: 42
    I think to change an NPC avatar you have to put the appropriately named files (named for the NPC with M, S, or L for medium small and large versions) in either the portrait directory or the override directory, I forget which - I think the override directory for this method. That's

    My Documents\Baldur's Gate Enhanced - Edition\Portraits


    C:\Program Files (x86)\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition\Data\00766\override

    Create the directory there if it doesn't already exist.

    You can do it without having to name the file and just put it in the portraits directory but I think you have to use EEKeeper to change the portrait if you do it that way.

    I'm not 100% sure because I know some things about the portrait replacement have changed (or were supposed to) with V1.2 - but I have NPC portrait replacements that are currently working in game using one or both of the above methods. Google "baldur's gate enhanced edition portrait replacement" to get better instructions.

  • ThatTwitchyGuyThatTwitchyGuy Member Posts: 23
    Yes you absolutely can. I do it all the time, you need to grab EEkeeper first, that'll make things super easy for you. Then take your pics and resize them, you'll need three versions of the same one, For the L portrait it needs to be 210 X 330. M needs to be 169 X 266, and S is 54 X 84. When you have those three set, put them into your override folder like Sojourner said.
    Then you need to open up EEkeeper and select your save file, then there on the left of the screen you should see your lead character and underneath is a slider that you can select the other members of your party to edit, there'll be a giant button that says "Change Portrait". there you'll have to find the portrait you want, both the S and the M version. So if I'm right about all this and you did everything right, when you save the file and load it in game, the characters should have their new portraits. Really hope that helps and I didn't just give you the wrong instructions.

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