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BGEE, xp cap remover?

Gel87Gel87 Member Posts: 136
Hello :)

I saw there was a XP cap remover for bgEE.
Im playing a lonely fighter/mage. So i guess i will reach the cap. I saw that the xp cap remover i found on this forum dident have HLA?
So got some questions:
- What is the XP cap for bg1?
- At what lvl do fighter/mage get HLAs?
- Is it possible to have no xp cap and HLAs? :)
- Wich XP cap remover should i use? :)


  • ShinShin Member Posts: 2,344
    The cap for BGEE is 161,000 and fighter/mages will start getting them at level 14 if I remember correctly.
    And like you say, removing the xp cap isn't enough. You also need to mod your game to have HLA:s enabled, and of course make sure it contains enough content for you to be able to reach the appropriate level. I believe @CoM_Solaufein‌ has something to that effect, take a look at this post.

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