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Need help sorting out some mods, and recommendations (NON-EE MODS!)

KaliestoKaliesto Member Posts: 268
edited May 2014 in General Modding
This is what I have going on at the moment, and this is probably going to be my final standard for a long time till more good mods come up. Luckily I reviewed some, and ended up avoiding some terrible mods which I thought at the time were good (because I never played them). Also I took great care as not to clutter my game as to avoid potential bugs, and such:

Big World Project Files
Baldur's Gate Trilogy
The Bonus Merchants (from the old collector's edition)

Ascension (That's a no brainer choice)
Baldur's Gate 2-Fixpack
Dark Horizons
Darkside of the Sword-Coast
Region of Terror
Drizzt Saga
Northern Tales of the Sword Coast (along with it's patch)
Baldur's Gate mini-quests, and encounters (I believe this was recently updated to fix the slime issue).
Sirines Call (This was recently updated too to fix dialogue issues)
Baldur's Gate 1-NPC Project
Baldur's Gate 1-NPC Music Project Pack
Baldur's Gate 1-Unfinished Business
Banter Pack V14, and along with it's extension pack iep-Banters v4.2 (will this conflict with NPC Project?)
Tales of Anegh
The Sellswords
The Slithering Menace
Shards of Ice
The Minotaur and Lilacor
Zalnoya and the Shadow Thieves
Baldur's Gate 2-Unfinished Business
G3-Anniversary PackV9
Almateria's restoration project Version 4 (THIS MOD IS AWESOME! I never knew all that content existed!)
Wheels of Prophecy

By the way is the Fishing for Trouble Mod any good? V3 is about to come out soon I think.

So how does it look everyone? Is this a good list? Also Will BWP organize it for me or will I have to figure out which order they all must go in?


  • ErgErg Member Posts: 1,756
    I'm not too familiar with BWP (I prefer Tutu myself), but you should be able to find most answers in the official BWP Installation Guide.

    In particular, the order of the mods in the table of contents is also the recommended installation order.

  • KaliestoKaliesto Member Posts: 268
    Yeah, I was looking through that, but I didn't quite understand how you were suppose to install it the proper way. So basically the first mod I see that I have goes first. Going to see if I can make a proper list just in case anyone else needs a reference on the forums to look at.

  • KaliestoKaliesto Member Posts: 268
    edited May 2014
    Alright here is the proper order list (I think):
    Do the inital process of installing the games, patches, and making some save files for them all (if you have CD-DVD version):

    -Put all Mods in a Dummy folder so they won't automatically install.
    -Make sure there is no disc inside.
    -Run BWP, and it should automatically sort it out without having you to do anything.

    Looks like I didn't have to make a list, this seems pretty straight-forward process. I have another question, will BWP automatically sort out BGT? Will it be okay to unpack in a dummy folder or does actually need to be in the game directory?

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