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Weird Problem. Screen wont change unless i alt tab or alt enter

So I'm playing BG2 EE (STEAM VERSION) on an asus laptop. When I start the game i see a black screen. Sometiemes theres a white box. I can hear the main screen music. If i alt tab out then back in, or if I alt enter to windowed mode It will show me the main screen. I can click anywhere and hear that it registered my click but the screen doesnt change. I have to repeat the alt something process to refresh it and see the next screen. I can manuever through the game but its entirely unplayable. In videos its the same thing. Itll be stuck on a still of the video playing the audio. if i alt something i get a more recent still. anyone know?

Intel HD Graphics 4600 and nvidia gtx 870 for graphics hardware. windows 8.1 64 bit

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