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True tablet friendly GUI - Concept and plea for help

xxTheGoDxxxxTheGoDxx Member Posts: 10
edited May 2014 in General Modding
I'm playing BG on my Nexus 7 2k13 and really enjoying the game. One thing that frustrates me is how uncomfortably the UI is. To many GUI elements are in the middle of the screen where you can hardly reach with your thumbs while holding your tablet with both ends. Another problem is that you got to reach over the sidebars to pan the playfield.

I created a quick concept in Photoshop that in my opinion would play way better. imageThe layout of the sidebars is based on wolpak's mod for the iPad, that can be found here:
This mod also works on Android devices by renaming the provided file into guiw12.chu and put it into/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition/files/override. It also works by putting it (without renaming it) into the \Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition\override\ folder on your PC.

Wolpak's existing mod: image

So why doesn't this post also include a downloadable mod? Because I have no idea how to do one. This is where I need help. Is any of the expirenced modders in this forum able to transfer my concept into a working mod like Wolpak's? If nobody can be found, can you put me in the right direction to create it myself?



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