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Clever and wise folks attack vampires at midnight

A clear sign that the game works well! My CharName has Int of 19 and Wis of 21. Clearly, my character is much smarter and wiser than I, the player, although this rarely shows as a game mechanic. I think the clearest sign though, is when I finally got far enough to assault Bodhi in her lair. I, as a merely player with human-regular stats, figures resting overnight and heading to the graveyard around 11AM, with the sun high in the sky, made most sense - yet for once my game avatar over-rules, and we deliberately arrange to complete a normally instantaneous journey 12 hours later, to arrive in the middle of the night.

Clearly, there is some superior strategy involved, but I lack the wisdom of my PC to work it out. Are there any particularly wise or knowledgable folks who might explain what PC figured out, but I cannot see?


  • enqenqenqenq Member Posts: 497
    else they wouldnt ambush you when you arrive at the GY district and youd miss out on the xp
  • abacusabacus Member Posts: 1,307
    Ah, the "General Melchett Offensive Approach"...
  • xzar_montyxzar_monty Member Posts: 631
    Notice those things beneath your feet? They're called railroad tracks. You're the train, man.

    Philosophical discussion about free will available on request at Mithrest Inn. Buy as much of the most expensive beverage as you possibly can and ask Jan Jansen to begin. If anyone else gets to continue before Hell freezes over, the owner will present you with a document, his last will, for free, thus proving that you do, indeed, have a "free will".
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