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Random Item Text for Weapons/Armor

Carl_LCarl_L Member Posts: 41

Just started BG2EE and after installing the BG2 Tweak Pack have noticed that for some of my items, instead of displaying the stats for that item instead it shows some random text that is completely irrelevant. For example:


"As our name denotes, we come from the city of Sigil, which lies upon another plane of the multiverse or, more appropriately, upon a hub or node where many of the planes collide... Are you with me?"

I don't know if the Tweak Pack mod caused this, I can only say that I noticed it after installation. I had the idea to go into EEKeeper and try to delete and re-add the items, but the erroneous text shows up in EEKeeper as well. Just curious if anybody else has come across this and any possible solution to it. Thanks.


  • hook71hook71 Member, Developer Posts: 579
    According to this it works if you install the Tweak mod with a newer version of WeiDU than the one that comes bundled with the mod.
  • ErgErg Member Posts: 1,756
    edited June 2014
    @Carl_L, BG2 Tweak Pack is still using a bugged version of WeiDU (i.e. v232). Simply reinstalling the mod should fix the problem. For a better solution, i.e. updating WeiDU, look here.

    Edit: ninja'd by @hook71 :)

    Edit2: additional information on this specific bug can be found here
  • Carl_LCarl_L Member Posts: 41
    Ok... I seem to have fixed it. Thank you to everybody who took the time to help me out.
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